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N.M. driver charged with DWI after crashing into helicopter and fire truck

October 24, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
N.M. driver charged with DWI after crashing into helicopter and fire truck

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Authorities have charged a man with DWI after he crashed into a medical helicopter and fire truck on Sunday in New Mexico.

The McKinley County Sheriff’s office said the incident occurred on Highway 566 near Gallup, New Mexico early Sunday morning.

Investigators said 26-year-old Glenn Livingston driving in a black jeep hit the medical transport helicopter in a landing zone along with a fire truck tending to victims from a rollover crash after he recklessly went around a barricade.


One tow truck driver, Frank Hernandez, who witnessed the crash said, “I noticed after we got the vehicle picked up, this black Jeep flew past us.”

“I was thinking, ‘What the heck is this guy doing?’ Because they had people out there trying to stop traffic, already he almost hit two ladies Hernandez said.

He added, “You’ve got to be pretty drunk. I’ve seen them where they’ve taken vehicles off the road and they don’t know they did that, or not.”


According to Deputies, the helicopter, which was intended to transport one of the injured victims from the accident, was unoccupied at the time.

Police charged Livingston, who is a Gallup resident with aggravated DWI, resisting arrest and other counts, KOB4 reported.

Police had to have tow trucks remove the vehicles involved, including the helicopter, from the site of the accident.

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