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Oklahoma gunmen Michael Vance films himself on Facebook Live during police chase

October 24, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Oklahoma gunmen Michael Vance films himself on Facebook Live during police chase

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Police in Oklahoma continued hunting a double-murder suspect Michael Vance early Monday after he stole a car before opening fire injuring three other people — including two police officers on Sunday.

According to law enforcement officials, Vance shot and wounded two officers with an AK-47 assault rifle Sunday night in Wellston, Oklahoma, NBC News reported.

The officers were responding to reports of shots fired at a mobile park home in Lincoln County when they encountered Vance, and came under immediate gunfire, around 6:30 p.m.

One officer was hit in the leg while the other sustained a gunshot wound to his foot. Both are expected to recover from their injuries.

Vance immediately fled in a police patrol car before shooting another woman while carjacking her Lincoln Continental at a trailer park.

Police discovered the stolen vehicle 35 miles away with the bodies of two people inside, described as a man and woman.

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Sheriff Charlie Dougherty later told local reporters Vance is wanted for a double homicide in connection with the slayings of two relatives.

“We got three of our units there, and they started trying to gather information when a gentleman came out with an AK-47 and just opened fire on everybody,” Dougherty said.

The Sheriff revealed Vance’s past criminal history. “He recently got out of my jail for a child sexual assault. We were doing an investigation when we arrested him. That is supposedly what set him off, but we don`t know that for sure yet.”

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Michael Vance began posting Facebook Live videos while on the run.

During one video, Vance says: “This is more intense than I thought it was going to be, to say the least.”

When his sister tried calling him, Vance responded in the video. “I love you, sis, it’s too late now. I’m not answering the phone.”

Multiple law enforcement agencies have joined the hunt for Vance.

Without elaborating, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol also announced that Vance has a “medical condition” and “may intend to spread disease.”

Police said they believe Vance is now driving a gray Mitsubishi and warned he is armed and dangerous.

Authorities are urging motorists to avoid Highway 66 and S. 3310 Road while the manhunt continues in the area.

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