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Documents reveal how Zetas drug trafficker made $75 million from cocaine transaction in six days

October 25, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Documents reveal how Zetas drug trafficker made $75 million from cocaine transaction in six days

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Authorities in Spain say documents recovered during a raid has provided insight into the magnitude of a cocaine smuggling ring in Europe headed by Juan Manuel Munoz Luevano, alias “El Mono,” a high-ranking Los Zetas operative.

According to the Spanish daily newspaper El Pais, information obtained from the seizure of records revealed how he managed the transfer of over two thousand kilos of cocaine to Europe, and sent $75 million in cash back to Mexico over the course of a six-day period.

Excel spreadsheets on two computers seized by Spanish authorities during a raid on Munoz Luevano’s Madrid home contained accounting records detailing Los Zetas profits deriving from multi-million dollar cocaine transactions in Europe.

Spanish authorities arrested “El Mono” back in March 2015.


“El Mono” oversaw a cocaine smuggling operations for the Los Zetas cartel in Europe

U.S. authorities have requested the extradition of Juan Manuel Munoz Luevano, identified as the head of a Zetas-linked drug trafficking organization in Europe responsible for smuggling massive quantities of cocaine into Europe using a port city in Spain as an entry point.

The spreadsheets showed how the alleged drug trafficker orchestrated the sale of 2100 kilos of cocaine during one transaction, totaling a whopping $75 million, delivered to a port in Valencia between the 11th and 17th of February 2012.

Documents detailed the price per kilo, ranging between 32,000 and 34,000 Euros, along with the conversion to US Dollars ($37,000 U.S. per kilogram), and organizing the delivery of $59 million in cash to the Zetas leadership in Mexico.

Law enforcement officials told the newspaper the entire transaction occurred over the course of a six-day period.

Furthermore, investigators discovered how millions of dollars in cash were packed in travel bags, suitcases, even cardboard boxes and shipped to the leaders of the Zetas at various hotels in Mexico City including The Regent, Marquis Reforma Camino Real Polanco and Local Fiesta America Chain.

Zetas operatives also made cash deliveries to supermarket parking lots and several auto dealerships near the central commercial district of Antara Fashion Hall in Mexico City.

The recipients of the deliveries were labeled: “Bebe,” “Pedro,” “Rich,” “Juan,” “Rafa,” and Tony,” who investigators believe to be Cuitlahuac Juan Martinez Hernandez and Ricardo Fuyivara Romero, both high-ranking Zetas operatives who were arrested in July 2012 in Mexico.

Spanish authorities captured Munoz on surveillance discussing cocaine transactions at a hotel in Amsterdam in 2012.

Spanish authorities captured Munoz on surveillance discussing cocaine transactions at a hotel in Amsterdam in 2012.

The Spanish newspaper reported how documents further detailed the entry of several other major cocaine shipments into Spain between 2012 and 2013.

Police officials told the publication that intelligence had uncovered the names of other top operators who played a fundamental role in the organization including Jose Antonio Guzman Retas, alias “El Gallo” and his son Jose Antonio Guzman Inzunza, alias “El Gallito.”

The report described in detail how both men allegedly oversaw logistics for Juan Manuel Munoz Luevano which included providing cocaine to prospective buyers, enlisting distributors in Europe, arranging shipping terminals at destination points and securing communication systems to various members of the organization.

The documents also revealed what was described as an “accidental loss” of $900,000, resulting from the arrest of Fuyivara Romero, El Pais reported.

Spanish law enforcement officials said further intelligence obtained from the computers explained how the Netherlands is a “key country” in the distribution of drugs for the Los Zetas Cartel in Europe, and Muñoz was observed by investigators discussing cocaine transactions with members of his criminal network during a meeting at a Amsterdam Marriot hotel in 2012.

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