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Crystal meth and heroin destined for the U.S. seized in Ciudad Juarez

October 27, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Crystal meth and heroin destined for the U.S. seized in Ciudad Juarez

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Five kilos of crystal meth and one kilo of heroin, which were intended to be smuggled into the U.S., were seized in two separate incidents in Juárez this week, according to officials.

Three men were apprehended in connection with the drug seizures and had been turned over to authorities for prosecution, the Chihuahua Attorney General office reported.

One of the incidents occurred on Tuesday at the intersection of Paseo Triunfo de la República Ave and Fray Marcos de Niza St. when state law enforcement officials noticed two men in a gray Honda behaving “visibly suspicious,” the agency stated. During a search of the car, the officers discovered five pounds of crystal meth in six packages concealed under cell phones and clothes.

The suspects, who were identified only as 32-year-old Cristal Manuel and 25-year-old Abel, admitted that they brought the drugs from their hometown of Michoacán to take them into the U.S. The men claimed that they were going to be paid $37,500 to bring the drugs across the border.

The agency also reported that the men tried to bribe the officers with $1,000 and almost 12,000 pesos, or about $650.

The second incident transpired on the same day in east Juárez when state police pulled over a gray vehicle based on a tip that drugs were going to be crossed into the U.S. via the Ysleta port of entry, according to The El Paso Times.

The driver identified only as 25-year-old Alejandro was apprehended after police seized one kilogram of heroin covered in tinfoil hidden in the car’s air filter. The man reportedly told authorities that he was going to transport the drug to El Paso, where a buyer was expecting him. He said that he was going to be paid $30,000 to carry out the smuggling.

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