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Leaked footage shows Gulf cartel members preparing to incinerate bodies, playing soccer with vicitim’s head: GRAPHIC

December 2, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Leaked footage shows Gulf cartel members preparing to incinerate bodies, playing soccer with vicitim’s head: GRAPHIC

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Leaked footage shows armed members of the Gulf Cartel getting ready to incinerate dozens of victims in Matamoros, Tamaulipas. Even more disturbing, the crew is also seen playing soccer with one of the victim’s heads.

The burning of casualties is a long-standing tradition that permits the criminal organization to avoid scrutiny and help Mexican government officials continue to report low crime statistics.

In the leaked clip obtained by Breitbart Texas, a man holding a phone says he part of the Gulf Cartel and that the crew is cooking “rats.” The man is also holding a beer in the other hand as he explains the fate of their rivals in Spanish.

In video’s background, various other cartel members are seen placing holes in 55-gallon drums and putting rocks and human remains inside. One of the suspects then asked for a “spark,” referring to a lighter.

The man at the beginning of the video started to kick the head of one of the victims as if it was a soccer ball. Another individual is heard saying that in the village, members of the Los Zetas cartel had played soccer with the severed heads of young children.

The location and date of the footage are still now known, however, the practice of incinerating victims remains uniform for drug cartels throughout Mexico. “Cooking” is a word used to refer to the incineration of bodies by drug cartels.

The slain victims are cut up into pieces and are put in either clandestine crematoriums or in 55-gallon drums where they are then ignited. The method of cooking victims not only help cartels decrease scrutiny but also helps Mexican officials insist that the crime rate continues to decline since incinerated victims are not included in the murder rate.

Mexican officials maintain that without a body; it remains a missing person case.

In early 2016, a series of mass graves and drums were discovered by law enforcement officials in the rural community of La Bartolina. The rural area is near the highway that joins Matamoros to the Gulf of Mexico. Locals referred to the city as La Cocina or “The Kitchen,” which was used as an incineration zone by the Gulf Cartel.

A former Gulf Cartel hitman, who had worked in La Cocina, claimed that nearly 500 victims were incinerated at the location and further stated that loved ones would not get many answers since a correctly “cooked” body turns into ash.

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