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Prosecutors may call filthy mouthed parrot as the only witness in Michigan murder trial

December 4, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Prosecutors may call filthy mouthed parrot as the only witness in Michigan murder trial

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A Michigan woman, who stands accused of killing her husband in an attempted murder-suicide — with a parrot as the only witness, made her first court appearance.

Prosecutors charged 46-year-old Glenna Duram with first-degree murder in the fatal shooting of her husband, Martin, back in May 2015 before turning the gun on herself at their home in Michigan. She, however, survived.

The purported murder-suicide has gained attention for its bizarre witness – the couple’s parrot. Weeks after Martin Duram’s killing, his family taped the bird “parroting” what they assert are the victim’s last words: “Don’t f***ing shoot!”

The prosecutor in the case revealed that he hasn’t ruled out putting the African gray parrot, Bud, on the stand, NBC News reported.

On Friday, a preliminary hearing was held to ascertain whether the case will go to trial. Connie Ream, a neighbor, testified how she was the first one to discover Martin and Glenna.

Duram stated that she heard two shots in the morning and assumed that Martin was hunting, but then realized that it was too early.

The following day, she went to check on the couple and discovered them on the bedroom floor, with neither of them moving. The man was shot five times.

Glenna spent months in the hospital recuperating from a bullet wound to the head.Another witness testified that the home looked “ransacked.”

“Everything was just scattered all over the place. There was a lamp on the floor, everything was just like ransacked in there,” the unidentified witness stated.

Martin’s mother, Lillian, insists that Bud the parrot is recounting what appears to sound like an argument – shifting voices from male to female.

A prosecutor says he hasn't ruled out putting African grey parrot, Bud, pictured, who is the only witness, on the stand

A prosecutor says he hasn’t ruled out putting African grey parrot, Bud, pictured, who is the only witness, on the stand

“That bird picks up everything and anything, and it’s got the filthiest mouth around,” she added.

“I think he was there and he remembers it, and he was saying it,” Martin’s father, Charles, said.

After the incident, Glenna told authorities that she did not remember the events leading up to what happened but emphasized that she did not murder her husband.

However, police records indicate that Glenna was a suspect in the case and that she had written three suicide notes and left them in the house — one to her ex-husband and one to each of her kids.

One of the letters read: “I’m sorry, but I love you and soo sorry I’ve been a disappointment to you these last 12 yrs or so Please forgive me your one of the best things I ever did — Love, Mom.”

Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 9.12.49 AM

Glenna Duram, above left, appeared at a preliminary hearing Friday in the first degree killing of her husband, Martin, pictured right, in 2015

According to the Daily Mail, the woman also denied to detectives that she had written the suicide notes, but a handwriting analysis revealed that she did.

Police records further described the couple’s financial troubles, gambling issues, and a conceivably troubled marriage.

One document from 2010 explained that Glenna gambled close to $75,000 on slots, which was more than twice what her husband gambled that same year.

Relatives said that the couple was married for over 10 years and had been living in their home for more than 15 years.

The pair always kept their doors locked, and none of the family had keys to the residence, the documents stated.

They also noted that Martin learned about a month before his death that their house was going into foreclosure because of outstanding debts. He was killed with a firearm that he kept in the home.

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