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Human remains discovered in clandestine grave near Texas border

December 5, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Human remains discovered in clandestine grave near Texas border

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Authorities in the border state of Piedras Negras, Coahuila are continuing to work to identify human remains found in a clandestine grave near the Texas border.

Three ranchers made the grisly discovery near the rural village of Tio Pio. According to Coahuila state authorities, the community’s leader Herminio Gonzalez, and two other ranchers were rounding up a herd of cattle when they noticed a bushy area and saw a red blanket that was used to wrap the body.

The men immediately contacted authorities who were dispatched to the scene to inspect the body and to try and identify the heavily decomposed remains. Investigators discovered a cowboy boot adjacent to the body in the clandestine grave, Breitbart Texas reported.

Coahuila is the same area where, from 2011 to 2013, the Los Zetas cartel managed to abduct, murder and incinerate about 300 victims including women and children from a small rural area. The Coahuila government attempted to cover up the massacre and mostly disregarded Mexican news outlets and the U.S. media.

It has been reported that half of the victims were burned in the Piedras Negras state prison using 55-gallon drums. Top-ranking state officials have avoided prosecution for their part in helping the brutal Los Zetas cartel.

Members of the Los Zetas cartel are notorious for using shallow clandestine graves to bury victims in Coahuila. In October, authorities verified that they discovered over 3400 bone fragments in a cartel killing field near San Pedro.

The discovery of the bone fragments forced government leaders to spin the story to minimize the case. Officials claimed that all the remains only belonged to three victims. Additionally, forensic analysis revealed that the bones were severely degraded due to extreme heat by the apparent use of fuels to burn the bodies.

Most recently, Coahuila has seen a surge in violence as rival factions of the Los Zetas cartel continue to fight over profitable drug territories and smuggling routes into Texas.

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