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U.S., Mexican authorities seize marijuana shipment worth $5 million on Falcon Lake

December 6, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
U.S., Mexican authorities seize marijuana shipment worth $5 million on Falcon Lake

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A joint operation involving U.S. and Mexican authorities secured a massive marijuana shipment worth millions of dollars last week.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials said in a released statement that U.S. border agents, working in tandem with Mexican authorities, secured the massive seizure on December 1st.

According to the press release, Border Patrol agents from the Zapata Station spotted what looked to be drug trafficking activity on the Mexican side of Falcon Lake.

Officers witnessed several men loading what appeared to be bundles of marijuana on the boat and notified Mexican Authorities who quickly swooped in and confiscated an amount totaling 6,283 pounds of what later tested positive for marijuana.

Officials said the massive marijuana shipment is worth an estimated street value of $5,026,000.

“This is our second binational seizure of this magnitude. We fully intend to continue this level of cooperation between both governments to locate and prevent the smuggling of illicit contraband,” said Mario Martinez, the Laredo Sector Chief Patrol Agent.

Falcon Lake is a known smuggling corridor for the ruthless Los Zetas drug cartel.

U.S. citizens are urged not to venture anywhere near the Mexican side of the lake because of the sheer danger posed by armed cartel members.

Back in 2010, David Hartley, an American citizen, was shot and killed while jet skiing with his wife Tiffany Hartley by armed members of the Zetas after venturing on the Mexican side of Falcon Lake.

Tiffany Hartley barely managed to escape. The body of David Hartley was never recovered.

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