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11 year old Memphis girl hit by SUV, kidnapped and raped on her way to school

December 8, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
11 year old Memphis girl hit by SUV, kidnapped and raped on her way to school

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An 11-year-old child from Memphis was on her way to school when an SUV abruptly hit, kidnapped, and raped her by the driver before being abandoned in a ditch.

WTKR reported that 20-year-old Larry Ward has been charged with aggravated assault, aggravated kidnapping, and rape of a child.

The girl was walking to the bus stop to get to school when a blue SUV hit her at approximately 7 am on Monday.

She told authorities that the driver then exited his vehicle and forced her to get inside, and drove off before he began to brutally assault her.

Cameron Fifer was going to work when he noticed the child crying in the corner of the road just moments after the attack.

“Man, phew. Her face. Something just struck fear in her definitely,” Fifer said in an interview with WTKR.

He added that when he asked the girl what was wrong, she responded: “I got raped.”

“She was like, ‘I was hit by a truck, a blue truck, and the guy proceeded to rape me.'”

The victim’s mother stated that she was battered and bruised.

Ward was taken into custody after police discovered a Santa Fe Hyundai that matched the girl’s report of the SUV just two miles from the attack.

His appearance and clothes also matched the victim’s description and he was taken into custody.

The Memphis Police Department has made the case a “top priority,” and searched for hours to catch the suspect to get justice for the victim.

“That broke my heart to imagine that a little innocent 11-year-old girl on the way to school was brutally attacked by anyone,” Police Director Mike Rallings stated.

“It’s sad that somebody would do a child like that,” said the family’s neighbor, Jimmie Blanchard.

Resident Thepeleton Richmond added that the neighborhood had never seen such a vicious crime.

“We never had issues like that over here,” he noted. “Never. Not issues about rape. This is like a family community over here.”

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