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Government struggles to cope with insecurity in Mexican city of Mazatlan which saw nine murders in a single night

December 8, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Government struggles to cope with insecurity in Mexican city of Mazatlan which saw nine murders in a single night

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Officials in the Mexican state of Sinaloa are trying to downplay fears following Monday night’s carnage which saw nine people executed in a string of shootings across the city of Mazatlan.

Antonio Higuera Gómez, the Attorney General of Sinaloa, implicated the Beltran-Leyva drug trafficking organization (BLO) in the one-night murder spree, during a recent radio interview on Tuesday.

According to El Debate, the AG declared those responsible for nine homicides in Mazatlan was the work of the BLO and the group’s ongoing struggle for control of the drug plaza, which includes trafficking routes and local distribution in the city.

“More than anything, it’s a dispute over control of the retail drug trade,” the attorney general said.

However, Higuera Gómez has yet to identify the opposing group and or directly correlate Monday’s violent events to the ongoing turf war that has ravaged communities in Sinaloa between the BLO and Pacific cartel, otherwise known as the Sinaloa Federation.

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Gómez did confirm reports concerning the arrest of two people after a gunbattle erupted in the Royal Pacific section of the city, which killed one person.

The prosecutor said the confrontation involved one of the leaders of a BLO criminal cell, who managed to escape.

“This group, the individual killed and the two detainees belong to a cell directed by a person identified as Martin Rivas Torres, alias “Martin de La Zapata” a local leader of Los Beltran,” he said.

Violence between the two groups has intensified since June after BLO gunmen launched an armed assault on the village of La Tuna, the hometown of Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman, the jailed leader of the Sinaloa cartel.



Higuera Gómez said authorities have been working towards dismantling the criminal cell of the BLO operating in the city, which originally comes from Nayarit, but have found shelter in safe houses in Mazatlan.

Meanwhile, Sinaloa Governor Mario Lopez Valdez and Mazatlan Mayor Carlos Gonzalez Felton spoke following Monday night’s bloodshed.

Felton tried to calm fears over the growing sense of insecurity after authorities arrested the two Beltran-Leyva members criminal cell responsible for generating violence.

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“We are confident that the rest of the month to follow will quiet down, and residents can go outside without problems,” said Felton.

However, the mayor’s comments were a direct contradiction to the statements of community business leaders and members of the state security council, who warned that the violence occurring in Mazatlan is spiraling out of control following a meeting to assess the city’s threat level.

Oscar Sanchez, president of Coparmex Mazatlan, lamented the rise of violence in the first six days of December and warned the mayor and state officials needed to recognize the problem of insecurity and address the issue of the recent violence plaguing the city.

“The numbers show the curent state we are in, and not what the mayor says, but there have been killings, and there has been an uptick in violence.”

Sanchez asserted that if the security situation does not improve soon, it would have a negative economic impact.

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