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Texas fisherman gunned down on infamous Falcon Lake bordering Mexico

December 9, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Texas fisherman gunned down on infamous Falcon Lake bordering Mexico

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Man killed while fishing on Falcon Lake

Officials in Zapata, Texas continue to investigate how two Texas fishermen were shot while out on a boat on a border lake. One of the victims was fatally shot, and the other remains hospitalized.

The shooting transpired on Tuesday night on Falcon Lake, according to My San Antonio.

Preceding information revealed that Oscar Garza, 26, and Javier Gonzalez, 21, were boating in Falcon State Park, a famous fishing spot that shares its border with Mexico.

Zapata County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Ray Del Bosque stated that the events that preceded the shooting are still unknown. However, he did indicate that another boat approached the fisherman before shots were fired.

A confrontation transpired, which prompted the boaters to try to escape while the alleged attackers opened fire, hitting Garza while Gonzalez jumped into the water to dodge the storm of bullets. The boat used by the suspects is believed to have returned to Mexico.

Sheriff’s deputies will interview Gonzalez once he is released from a local hospital for hypothermia.

The border lake is an area frequently utilized by the Los Zetas drug cartel to smuggle large volumes of both pot and illegal immigrants into the U.S.

Falcon Lake is the area where armed Los Zetas members executed David Hartley back in 2010 while he and his wife were jet-skiing on the lake. Hartley was shot to death and his body was never recovered while Tiffany managed to get away.

Falcon Lake is also the same place where Texas State Troopers on gunboats apprehended a top Los Zetas commander back in 2015 while he was trying sneak across the border into Texas. Authorities arrested Jose Manuel, also known as “Z-31 or El Borrado” Saldivar Farias, a regional commander for the Los Zetas.

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