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Video: Three cartel gunmen killed in gun battle with Mexican Marines near Texas border

December 11, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Video: Three cartel gunmen killed in gun battle with Mexican Marines near Texas border

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Mexican marines in Rio Bravo, Tamaulipas killed three armed cartel members during a raid at a stash house that shifted into a 30-minute shootout.

The operation occurred this week when Mexican Marines encompassed a house that was identified as a stash house for the Gulf Cartel. In response to the ambush, the cartel gunmen called for backup and opened fire at the Marine. Extra Gulf Cartel SUVs appeared at the scene to provide backup.

In a video recorded by residents of the ongoing shootout, two residents are heard joking about the dispute and are talking about putting the video online. In northern Tamaulipas, cartel gun battles have turned into an almost daily event that is widely ignored by media outlets. In response, residents have developed a seemingly cavalier attitude toward these incidents.

Mexican authorities requested air support from a military helicopter that arrived to try and prevent the gunmen from escaping the area. Officials successfully killed three of the armed members and arrested a number of others, Breitbart Texas reported.

Sources with law enforcement indicated that the stash house was previously utilized by former Gulf Cartel leader Juan Manuel “Juan Perros” Rodriguez Garcia, who was apprehended in 2014 and remains in custody. The stash house was still employed by the Gulf Cartel to store weapons and personnel.

As a result of the operation, Gulf Cartel members began to transport drugs and weapons that were previously hidden in multiple stash houses throughout the area to keep them out of the hands of Mexican officials.

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