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Angelina Jolie demands Brad Pitt is drug and alcohol tested four times a month for access to kids

December 13, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Angelina Jolie demands Brad Pitt is drug and alcohol tested four times a month for access to kids

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Angelina Jolie is reportedly making her estranged husband, Brad Pitt, complete both alcohol and drug testing four times a month during the couple’s constant custody battle.

This information was revealed after 52-year-old Pitt filed a petition in the Superior Court of California requesting that all records regarding the custody battle remain under seal, The Daily Mail reported.

The actor and his attorneys filed the documents after Jolie and her lawyer, Laura Wasser, moved forward with the decision to file an order only days prior despite the fact that by doing would make the details of the custody dispute public.

Parts of the order also referred to as the “October Stipulation,” were later released, revealing information regarding the children’s therapy, that a psychologist who is an expert in child custody matters was planning the visitation schedule, and that the estranged couple was undergoing group therapy sessions with their six children.

Jolie’s choice to file the order also unveiled the details of Pitt’s required drug testing.

An email is also included in the filing that was sent from Jolie’s lawyer Laura Wasser to Pitt’s lawyer Lance Spiegel (above), stating that they had no choice but to file the ‘October Stipulation.’

Response: Spiegel then told Wasser that he believed filing the stipulation had ‘serious privacy implications’ (above)

The documents also indicated that the A-list actress “previously refused to enter into a stipulation for such an order and has instead compromised the children’s privacy by disregarding a confidentiality agreement that was expressly designed to protect the minor children.”

In his own statement, Pitt wrote: “[Angelina] and I have been unable to agree on a custody schedule, and I intend to file a Request for Orders to establish a schedule unless an agreement is reached.”

He continued: “I am extremely concerned that if court records regarding custody are not sealed, information contained will cause irreparable damage to our children’s privacy rights.”

An email was also included in the filing that was sent from Wasser to Spiegel, stating that they had no other choice but to file the “October Stipulation.”

Wasser further noted: “You have made it clear that Brad intends to file an RFO for increased custodial time next week and that nothing the therapists say during our meeting will change Brad’s position.”

Brad Pitt accuses Angelina Jolie (above in November 2015) and her legal team of knowingly releasing confidential information about their children

“Therefore, we will be filing this Stipulation and Order Re Child Custody and Therapy. We have repeatedly attempted to avoid any court intervention. Brad’s position has made that impossible,” Wasser added.

Later that day Pitt’s attorney responded in an email and said: “I want to point out that the stipulation contains confidential information regarding the children being in therapy and the names of the therapists. The public disclosure of such information has serious privacy implications and is potentially damaging.”

Pitt and his legal team also added a declaration from psychologist Philip M. Stahl in their documents.

“In my experience, I have been involved in many high-profile matters, and in each one of them, either parties have stipulated, or courts have ordered that information be sealed when sensitive or damaging information could be discovered by children in family court matters, he wrote.

He then noted that research revealed that “children are harmed when exposed to their parent’s conflict and adult derails of the divorce.”

Pitt attended an emergency hearing, but the judge eventually rejected his wishes to seal the documents.

Angelina Jolie currently has primary custody of Pax, 13. twins Vivienne and Knox,8, as well as Shiloh, 13-year old” 10l Zahara, 11, Pax, 13, and Maddox, 15 since she and Pitt announced their separation in September.

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