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Rachel Natacha Owens who disappeared getting off schoold bus found in ohio after 5 years

December 13, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Rachel Natacha Owens who disappeared getting off schoold bus found in ohio after 5 years

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Rachel Natacha Owens who was reported missing as a teenager in North Carolina over five years ago has been discovered safe in Ohio after taking on a false identity.

Rachel Natacha Owens, who went missing when she was 15-years-old back in 2011, was found safe in Columbus on Friday afternoon, The Wilmington Star News reported.

According to authorities, the now 21-year-old had “left and remained away on her own will” and went to “great lengths to intentionally conceal” where she was.

Owens even assumed a false name and date of birth, the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office revealed in a press release.

The then-teen disappeared back in May 2011 after she was spotted getting off her school bus at her high school in South Carolina.

She was then seen getting into a car in the school’s parking lot and vanished after that.

Before her disappearance, the young girl previously ran away but never left for long.

The FBI and the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office worked endlessly around several tips in both the United States and Mexico, according to FBI Special Agent Rich Novelli.

A spokesperson for the FBI Charlotte Field Office said that the feds had obtained a tip as recently as 2014 alleging that Owens was in Ohio.

During the probe, some of the leads included a story that Owens wrote before she left that she wanted to go to Mexico, The Port City Daily reported.

Friends of Rachel Natacha Owens also allegedly told detectives they had heard that the girl had traveled to Mexico.

The FBI offered a $5,000 reward for any information.

After discovered Owens safe, authorities indicated that there was no foul play involved in her disappearance and that no criminal charges will be filed at this time.

Novelli said he met with Owens’ relatives on Friday and told them that she was located safe, adding that they can now “move on with rebuilding their relationship.”

The Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office was grateful to all of the agencies that helped with the investigation and for those who offered tips that led to finding the woman.

“Sheriff [John] Ingram and the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office are extremely grateful to all of those who submitted tips and leads to detectives that ultimately led to finding Rachel,” the press release stated.

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