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Robbery suspect captured after Pennsylvania Police send him message on Facebook post

December 13, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Robbery suspect captured after Pennsylvania Police send him message on Facebook post

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A robbery suspect was arrested at a Rockdale Township, Pennsylvania home on a warrant in connection with the burglary of a gas station and convenience store on Thanksgiving Day in Alleghany County after cops sent him a message on a Facebook post.

Pennsylvania State Police apprehended Thirty-two-year-old Robert L. Watkins III just before 9:30 pm on Sunday where state troopers served an arrest warrant from the police department in Bridgeville.

The Bridgeville Police Department charged Watkins with attempted robbery with the threat of immediate serious bodily injury, robbery, terrorist threats, simple assault, attempted theft, and retail theft for the holdup of a 7-Eleven store just south of Pittsburgh, The Meadville Tribune reported.

Bridgeville Police Department had published requests for information regarding the suspect’s whereabouts online, including on the department’s Facebook page.

The Facebook post even included a statement from the Bridgeville Police Department’s chief.

“If one of his ‘friends’ would be kind enough to pass this on we’d appreciate it,” the post stated. “Note to Robert: you will probably be reading this post. The same way you did with the original armed robbery post, as you were hiding, in that apartment with people that you thought were your friends.”

The post continued: “We have the video of you changing your clothes before and after the robbery. We have you stashing your clothes; your fingerprints were on the counter you slammed, and your hat is full of your DNA. You have the option to turn yourself in. It’s only a matter of time before we find you. Make it easier on yourself now, because we WILL find you.”

On Monday, Watkins appeared in Crawford County Court of Common Pleas to plead guilty to two counts and was sentenced by Judge John Spataro in connection with a burglary incident that occurred back in August. He also pleaded guilty to summary counts of criminal mischief, damaged property, and public drunkenness for an unrelated incident. The man was also charged with criminal trespass and burglary and criminal trespass, but those charges were dismissed by the D.A. in exchange for the guilty pleas.

Watkins was sentenced to three months of probation with a 15-day credit for time served and will be required to pay $200 in fines plus court costs.

Watkins was then transferred to Allegheny County Monday afternoon to be indicted on the charges filed by Bridgeville Police Department.

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