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Governor of Guerrero state sends team to negotiate release of cartel leader’s mother and local engineer

December 14, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Governor of Guerrero state sends team to negotiate release of cartel leader’s mother and local engineer

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The governor of the strife-ridden Mexican state of Guerrero has moved to diffuse a volatile situation in the municipality of San Miguel Totolapan after armed civilians took the mother of a local drug boss hostage.

Governor Héctor Astudillo said a battalion of 220 army troops along with state and federal police was dispatched to try and resolve the situation and strengthen security in the inflicted area, Proceso reported

Astudillo also said he is sending a group of officials to the town Valle de Luz to negotiate the release of the mother of Raybel Jacobo “El Tequilero” Almonte, who was taken hostage on Sunday by a group of armed vigilantes.

Almonte is the notoriously violent leader of an organized crime group called “The Tequileros” consisting of former La Famiglia Michoacana and Beltran-Leyva cartel hitmen, who is currently at war with other cartel bosses in the area.

Mother (left) of  local crime boss “El Tequilero” (right) was taken hostage by fed up residents on Sunday

As JammedUp News reported, last weekend civilians, fed up with the lack of action by authorities to tackle the spiraling crime in the region took up arms and rounded up two dozen people, accused of collaborating with the criminal group, including Mrs. Felix del Monte,’ the gangster’s mother.

Enraged residents struck back after a local engineer identified Isauro de Paz Duque, became the latest kidnapping target to fall victim of “El Tequilero’s”  reign of terror.

Armed cartel hitmen kidnapped Duque last week and threatened to kill him. Authorities said the criminal group kidnapped.

In a video, a woman identified as the wife of Duque announced that townsfolk had taken the mother of Almonte hostage.

One of the few photos of  the gangster known as “El Tequilero” 

“We have your mother here, Mr. Tequilero, I offer an exchange: I’ll give you your mother if you give me my husband, but I want him safe and sound,” the woman demanded.

‘We urgently require the release of the kidnap victims, we are a legitimate self-defense force of the people.” a masked man says in the video.

Residents of the town maintained to negotiators they would release the mother “El Tequilero” unharmed once Duque is released by his captors.

The emergence of the civilian defense force is the latest problem for the state government, who already are struggling to deal with the deteriorating security situation.

As a result, the governor announced the formation of a negotiating group to protect “the integrity of the mother of the alleged offender and the kidnapping victim.”

Astudillo said although he understood the outrage, the involvement of the of the self-defense forces often further complicate the situation, and become part of the problem.

Woman identified as the kidnapping victim’s wife demanded the return of her husband in return for releasing the mother of the local crime boss

“The truth is, they are not really community forces, nor are they police, they are armed groups that unfortunately carry out acts, which generate more violence and confrontation, rather than help,” the governor stated.

He also announced that the actions of the government had already secured the release of five hostages. However, the mother of “El Tequilero” is still held captive.

“The purpose of the negotiating team is to ensure no harm comes to the person reported missing, nor the mother of the leader of the Tequileros, who is in the hands of self-defense group,” the governor said in his official statement.

However, Astudillo warned both sides that no harm must come to the mother of El Tequilero or the kidnapped engineer.

Cartel violence in Guerrero, which is considered Mexico’s most dangerous state, has spiraled out of control in 2016.

“The Tequileros” are just one of 50 organized crime groups operating in various parts of the western state, who are battling for a piece of the lucrative drug trade in Guerrero, which has become a vital hub for the harvesting and production of heroin, marijuana, and methamphetamine.

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