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Authorities in Paris searching for four suspects in brazen armored truck gold heist

December 14, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Authorities in Paris searching for four suspects in brazen armored truck gold heist

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Armored truck heist in France.

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Authorities in Paris are searching fields and towns across southeast France for four criminals who robbed dozens of kilos of gold from an armored truck on Monday before setting cars on fire near a main highway.

The robbers, who were driving two vehicles, surrounded the armored vehicle and forced it to drive off of a highway between Paris and Lyon, according to a national gendarme service spokesman.

They then took the gold, forced the two delivery men into the back of the truck and locked it, and ignited of their own cars before they fled, the spokesman reported.

He stated that the flames expanded to three other cars and were threatening to submerge the armored truck as well, but police successfully intervened thanks to a tip from a bystander, and the two men were saved just in time. The other cars were parked and unoccupied

According to The London Telegraph, helicopter and patrol vehicles are hunting the surrounding area around the town of Dardilly; the spokesman revealed on condition of anonymity because he was not permitted to provide details about a pending investigation.

Although France sometimes sees grand jewel thefts and has seen a few high-profile roadway heists, it’s rare to see a large-scale gold burglary such as this.

The spokesperson revealed that dozens of kilos of gold were taken. With gold selling for over $37,000 a kilogram, the estimated cost of the theft could exceed $1 million.

Authorities have yet to identify the criminals or release information regarding who owned the gold or where it was going.

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