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Mexican couple accused of murdering California woman in green card marriage

December 16, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Mexican couple accused of murdering California woman in green card marriage

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Police have accused a Mexican couple of killing an American woman in California after the man purportedly married the second woman to obtain a green card.

Mexican natives, 37-year-old Francisco Valdivia, married Cecelia Bravo Cabrera– despite the fact that he was already married to Mexican national Rosalina Lopez since 2007, theThe Fresno Bee reported.

Authorities allege that Valdivia married Cabrera to obtain his green card for legal residence in the United States. They do believe, however, that Cabrera was aware that her marriage with the Mexican foreigner was not legitimate.

Francisco Yanes Valdivia and Rosalina Lopez, both of the Visalia area are accused in the murder of Cecelia Bravo Cabrera

Cabrera was reported missing back on June 9th, and police believe that Valdivia and Lopez worked together to murder the young woman after authorities say that she was threatened by the two Mexicans to remain in the fake marriage.

“We do believe the motive surrounds this relationship of three people. It revolves around this relationship,” Sheriff Mike Boudreaux told Visalia Times-Delta.

A spokesperson for the Sheriff’s Office said authorities have “significant digital forensic evidence” which link the Mexican couple to Cabrera’s murder. He also noted the police have evidence that Cabrera was intimidated to remain in the sham marriage.

Week after the California mother vanished, her husband was arrested on unrelated charges

Back in June, Cabrera’s vehicle was set on fire in a wooded area, and her four children, who remain in police custody, have not heard from their mother since. The woman’s body has not been recovered.

Valdivia was already in custody on suspicions of growing marijuana when he was arrested in connection with Cabrera’s murder.

Lopez was apprehended in a town outside of Visalia. Both remain in custody and bail has been denied.

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