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Self-driving Uber cars caught running red lights in San Francisco

December 16, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Self-driving Uber cars caught running red lights in San Francisco

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Self-driving Uber cars caught running red lights in San Francisco.

Footage captured Uber’s newly launched self-driving Volvo SUV’s running red lights in San Francisco.

The traffic infractions transpired on Wednesday; mere hours have Uber launched its fleet of self-driving SUV’s.

According to CBS San Francisco, a Luxor Cab’s dash cam recorder, which had stopped at a light in front of the SFMOMA building on Wednesday morning, captured footage of the Volvo apparently running a red light.

A second incident was reported by Annie Gaus around 9:48 a.m. on Wednesday morning in a Twitter post.

Gaus wrote she witnessed “a ‘self-driving’ Uber” driving through a red light at the intersection of Van Ness Avenue and almost hitting her Lyft car.

Shortly after, she posted an image out of the back window of the Lyft showing the Uber vehicle in the middle of the intersection.

Uber said in a statement on Wednesday afternoon that the cars weren’t ready to hit the streets without a person monitoring behind the wheel and attributed the red light infractions to an error by the company representatives behind the steering wheel.

“The incident was due to human error. This why we believe so much in making the roads safer by building self-driving Ubers,” the statement read.

Uber added, “The vehicle was not part of the self-driving pilot and was not carrying customers. The driver involved has been suspended while we continue to investigate,”

Following the redlight incidents, California state regulators ordered Uber to halt the self-driving car service until it received a permit from the state.

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