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Judy Malinowski, who was set on fire by boyfriend, speaks from hospital bed after 11-year sentence

December 16, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Judy Malinowski, who was set on fire by boyfriend, speaks from hospital bed after 11-year sentence

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After not getting the chance to testify at the trial of her ex-boyfriend regarding the horrific night he soaked her with gasoline and set her on fire, an Ohio woman gathered the media in her hospital room to discuss the nightmare she’s been stuck having to live.

On Monday, 41-year-old Michael Slager pleaded no contest to charges of felonious assault, aggravated arson, and possession of criminal tools stemming from the August 2015 attack on his then-girlfriend Judy Malinowski.

A Columbus judge found the Gahanna man guilty, and he was sentenced the maximum prison term of 11 years behind bars.

The 33-year-old victim, who has spent 16 months in the hospital recuperating from her life-threatening injuries, was scheduled to testify against Slager, but his plea deal thwarted her plan.

Instead, Judy Malinowski spoke to WSYX about the assault from her hospital room at OSU Wexner Medical Center.

Then and now: Judy Malinowski, 33, is pictured left before she was set on fire, and right speaking from her hospital bed in Ohio, 16 months after the arson

Remembering the moment Slager poured gas on her during an argument at a Speedway gas station in Gahanna on August 2nd, 2015, Malinowski said that his eyes were “pure evil.”

“I never knew that a human being could be so evil. He just stood there and did nothing,” she said in an interview with NBC4i.

Slager contends that he accidentally set the woman on fire while he was trying to light a cigarette. His lawyer also argued that he suffered severe burns while trying to put out the flames.

Fire starter: Michael Slager, 41, on Monday pleaded no contest to a charge of aggravated arson in the attack on Malinowski and was sentenced to 11 years in prison

During Monday’s hearing, Slager’s father, Harold, said of his son: “He loves Judy.”

However, Judge Judy Lynch rebuffed the defendant’s accounts of events, telling him: “There’s nothing to say to a person like you, Mr. Slager. You really do seem like one of those people who have no soul.”

The arson offense left the mother-of-two with fourth- and fifth-degree burns to over 80% of her body, and left her with two fingers and both of her ears gone, which melted in the blaze.

Approximately a year-and-a-half after her brutal attack, Malinowski is still in the intensive care unit, where she is breathing with the aid of a ventilator, can’t walk, and is forced to whisper due to the severe destruction to her trachea.

Horrific toll: The fire left the woman with forth– and fifth-degree burns to 80 per cent of her body and cost her two fingers (right)

She still has huge open wounds on the buttocks and back, which cannot be skin-grafted and do not have any chance of healing because she is unable to lay on her stomach due to her breathing problems.

On the night before her 52nd surgery this week, Malinowski, a recovering opiate addict who had survived ovarian cancer, sobbed from her bed that no individual deserves to go through as much pain as she had suffered.

She said Slager’s punishment is inadequate, and she only agreed to the no contest plea for him on the provision that he would face murder charges if she dies from her injuries.

His story: Slager, 41, has maintained all along that he set his girlfriend on fire by accident

“He got off easy,” she stated.

Bonnie Bowes, the mother of Judy Malinowski told 10TV Slager deserves nothing less than a life sentence.

Bowes also noted that Malinowski’s doctors informed them that she probably will not live.

From her bed, Malinowski had a message for other domestic violence victims: “Get help. Run.”

Malinowski, who is the mother of two daughters, ages nine and 12, and Bowes are fighting for the passing of a legislation named “Judy’s Law,” which would raise the maximum sentence for aggravated arson if a person is set on fire.

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