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Drug cartel boss tried to offer police $100k bribe during arrest near the Texas border

December 17, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Drug cartel boss tried to offer police $100k bribe during arrest near the Texas border

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Authorities arrested a pair of reputed drug cartel bosses near the Texas border, one of which attempted to bribe his arresting officers $100,000 to release him from custody.

The Chihuahua attorney general’s office said state police captured 32-year-old Roberto G.M., alias “El Mudo” (“The Mute”), the head of a cell of “La Linea” the armed wing of the Juárez cartel, riding in a Dodge pickup on the Juárez-Chihuahua highway, in the mountain village of Madera.

Mexican law enforcement’s policy withholds criminal suspects’ full names and unaltered photos.

Officials said “El Mudo” offered his arresting officers a $100,000 bribe for his release, then proceeded to threaten their lives when they refused, Excelsior reported.

Authorities recovered several high-powered weapons including an M-4 rifle, a .45-caliber rifle along with one 9 mm handgun and two small plastic bags of crystal methamphetamine from the SUV.

Four suspected members of Gente Nueva were arrested earlier this month in Chihuahua

The arrest of “El Mudo” follows the recent capture of another top operative with “La Gente Nueva” (The New People), which is a paramilitary enforcer group for jailed Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman.

The group controls drug trafficking operations in the states of Chihuahua and Sonora for the Sinaloa drug cartel.

The Mexican Attorney General’s Office said in a news release, elements of the federal police arrested Gilberto V.R., 33, alias “El Chacho,” who oversees drug distribution in Chihuahua City and is the reported nephew of a senior figure within the Sinaloa cartel.

Officers arrested “El Chacho” along with three other men in a Chevrolet Avalanche outside a home and recovered four assault rifles, four handguns, and three plastic bags containing cocaine, The El Paso Times reported.

“La Linea” and “The New People” were the central groups, who fought numerous bloody battles for control of Ciudad Juarez during the brutal Juarez Drug War between the Sinaloa and Juarez cartels which resulted in the deaths of thousands of people over four year period.

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