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Holiday Horror: ISIS claims responsibility for truck attack at Berlin Christmas market that killed 9 injured 50

December 19, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Holiday Horror: ISIS claims responsibility for truck attack at Berlin Christmas market that killed 9 injured 50 Getty Images

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ISIS has claimed responsibility for the deadly terror attack on the Christmas market in Berlin, a report says.

The Iraqi Popular Mobilization Force took credit for Monday’s incident in a tweet which killed at least 9 people dead and left another 50 wounded at the popular public Christmas market.

Police arrested the driver of the truck, according to CNN.

The lorry smashed into a popular Christmas market at the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church in the German capital.

Television footage shows a swarm of ambulances next to a large Scania truck on the sidewalk on the sidewalk adjacent to the market, with its front windshield, smashed.

A giant Christmas tree with a gold star on top was seen toppled over on a nearby street.

The truck can be seen clearly damaged – and the driver has been e apprehended, according to local reports

Nine people were reportedly killed and another 50 injured in the attack

Police, fire crews, and paramedics have raced to the scene of the incident in Berlin

More pedestrians are thought to be trapped beneath the vehicle

At the scene, witness Mike Fox told The Associated Press the large truck had barely missed him by only a few feet as it careened into the market, leaving a path of death and destruction in its path.

“It was deliberate,” said one U.K. tourist from Birmingham, England.

The man said he helped pedestrians trapped under Christmas stands and people who appeared to have suffered broken limbs.

Police and emergency responders swarmed to the scene after the incident blocking access to the market itself.

On Twitter, Police said they were still investigating whether the incident was an accident or an attack.

However, according to Fox News, officials privately conceded the high likelihood the event is terror-related.

The incident is reminiscent of the July attack in Nice, France in which saw 86 people killed by a terrorist behind the wheel of a truck.

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