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Mexican judge grants ruthless drug lord Miguel Angél Trevíno appeal for special medical treatment

December 19, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Mexican judge grants ruthless drug lord Miguel Angél Trevíno appeal for special medical treatment

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A federal judge has granted Miguel Angél Trevíno also known as ‘Z40,’ one of Mexico’s most ruthless drug lords, an appeal seeking medical attention.

The former leader of the ultra-violent Los Zetas filed for an Amparo, which is an appeal based on human rights, alleging that the director of Altiplano maximum security facility and other prison officials failed to provide adequate medical attention, including access to a cardiologist, Proceso reported.

Altiplano is the same facility from which Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman, leader of the Sinaloa cartel, made his infamous prison escape back in July 2015.

The First District Judge in Matters of Amparo and Federal Judgments of the State of Mexico ordered that the Director General of the Altiplano Prison grant “the adequate medical care to treat Trevíno for his illnesses, either in the prison facility itself or through a public health institution, if the case warrants it.”

“They must carry out the necessary examination in compliance with the subject’s human rights,” the Amparo judge wrote in his ruling.

“Failure to provide medical care endangers the life, health and physical integrity of the complainant, which requires the court to intervene immediately for the preservation of his or her health,” the ruling added

Both the head doctor with the Department of Medical Services and the Director of the Altiplano have already submitted a report with evidence proving that Treviño Morales received the necessary medical care to treat his condition.

The judge ruled the official report would be taken into account in issuing the final corresponding resolution.

Mexican authorities captured Trevíno Morales near the texas border in Nuevo Leon back in 2013.

Miguel Angél Trevíno is recognized as one of the most bloodthirsty cartel leaders in Mexico’s history of the drug war, who became notorious for his common method of torture called “El Guiso” or the stew which saw his victims burned alive in barrels of fuel, preferably, diesel fuel because it burned slower.

Law enforcement officials have directly attributed the brutal Zetas leader to several horrific atrocities and mass killings in Northern Mexico including the 2010 San Fernando Valley massacre, which saw 72 migrants slaughtered, and 2011 San Fernando Massacre that resulted in the deaths of 193 people.

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