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Video: Tennessee tow truck driver uses truck to shield from incapacitated wrong way driver

December 19, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Video: Tennessee tow truck driver uses truck to shield from incapacitated wrong way driver

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A Tennessee tow truck driver probably saved the life of an incapacitated driver as well as other motorists on a highway last week.

The serious event was recorded on a cell phone video by Jennifer Myers, who first realized that a dark SUV was driving the opposite way on Highway 321 in Blount County, Tennessee, local CBS8 reported.

Myers said that the vehicle continued to drive in the wrong direction despite the honks of other drivers attempting to alert the driver to the situation.

Since there was no service to contact 911 and feeling that a tragedy was about to occur, she started to film while she was behind the wheel of her car if evidence of what took place needed to be presented at a later time.

“I just put the phone up on the steering wheel and kept behind them in case they cut back across in traffic and got back on the right side of the road,” she stated.

Myers then recognized a tow truck speed up and pass her in the left lane.

The driver, an employee of Foothills Wrecker Service in Maryville, Tennessee, turned on his emergency lights and caught up with the motorist, but the SUV did not stop.

“From what I witnessed, it looked like he was trying to get her attention to stop,” Myers added.

“It went from that moment of excitement of ‘oh good; they’re going to be able to get her to stop’ to ‘oh no she’s not stopping.'”

The tow truck driver realized he was out of options and made a bold decision in a last-gasp attempt to avert an accident.

He passed over to the other side of the highway and avoided the SUV before coming to a stop.

The SUV then crashed into the truck’s flatbed.

It was later discovered that the driver of the vehicle was a woman who was in the midst of a diabetic attack that left her incapable of discerning where she was driving.

She survived and was taken to a nearby hospital.

An employee at Foothills Wrecker declined to comment on the condition of the driver nor would he disclose any additional information.

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