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Zetas operator ordered execution of Mexican prosecutor from home in Spain: Report

December 20, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Zetas operator ordered execution of Mexican prosecutor from home in Spain: Report Surveillance photo shows Juan Manuel Muñoz Luévano to the right

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Explosive allegations recently surfaced accusing Mexican law enforcement officials of ignoring a warning from authorities in Spain, of a plot to assassinate a Coahuila, state prosecutor.

An investigative report by Spanish newspaper El País, exposed evidence showing Juan Manuel Muñoz Luévano alias “El Mono,” the point man for the Los Zetas drug cartel in Europe, ordered people in Mexico murdered, kidnapped, beaten, and threatened from his home in an upscale neighborhood in Madrid, Spain.

Officials granted reporters from El Pais access to transcripts of phone calls intercepted during a drug trafficking investigation targeting Muñoz and the Zetas operation in Europe.

Muñoz was arrested in Spain last March and is the subject of an extradition request by the United States government.

Spanish investigators gathered sufficient evidence which exposed Munóz’ extensive links to Mexican organized crime groups, not just the Los Zetas, but also the Gulf cartel, Beltrán Leyva Organization, and Sinaloa Federation.

Juan Manuel Muñoz Luévano. Facebook photo

The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office in Spain mentioned the incriminating telephone conversations in its official arrest report, a prosecutor’s source confirmed to El Pais.

Additionally, officials said during a phone intercept; “El Muno” is overheard ordering his nephew, Salomón Ayup to execute a Coahuila state Public Ministry prosecutor who allegedly colluded with the Zetas.

The public official, who hasn’t been identified was marked for death after she failed to warn him of an impending arrest warrant against his nephew for the alleged kidnapping and disappearance of a suspected drug trafficker in Matamoros who was working for the Sinaloa cartel.

“You go and kill her there,” Muñoz is heard ordering Ayup on one wiretap conversation.

The seriousness of the threat prompted officials to lift the veil of secrecy of the investigation conducted by the National Court in an attempt to save the life of the prosecutor.

In a formal communication to their Mexican counterparts dated March 17th, obtained by El Pais, Spanish National Police warned of a “conspiracy to commit the homicide of an official with the Public Ministry of Mexico.”

Read the complete content of the document below.

The report from Spanish National Police warns of Muñoz Mono intentions to murder a Coahuila, state prosecutor

However, Spanish police were dismayed when they never even received a call back from the Mexican Attorney General’s Office.

“We do not understand how, in the face of such a serious matter, no authority from Mexico has requested information from us. Nobody has called us, nor has anyone stepped forward inquiring about the case,” one shocked investigator told the publication.

Spanish prosecutors are unaware of the fate of the woman.

During another call dated on June 27th, 2014, Muñoz spoke from his luxurious Madrid home with an associate named Gustavo who allegedly owed a drug debt of 24 million pesos.

During the call, an angered Muñoz threatened to kidnap the man’s father to “guarantee of payment.”

“I’m dying of the f***** courage. If I had you, I would kill you,” Muñoz warned.

Surveillance captured Muñoz (left) discussing a multi-million dollar cocaine deal in Amsterdam

The man is reportedly heard pleading for another chance, which Muñoz replied: “No, no, no, what last chance? What are you going to do? Tell me where do you expect to make 24 million pesos? ” He adds, “It’s a shame because I loved you and your family, all bastards, and I told you it was going to be your grave.”

Spanish police moved to arrest Muñoz at his home on March 18th and secured a treasure trove of intel on the Zetas.

During the raid, investigators found several Excel sheets on a computer that included a list of locations of hotels in downtown Mexico City where Muñoz was to deliver over $75 million in cash to the Zetas leadership,  procured from a sale of 2,100 kilos of cocaine in just six days.

Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office responded with a “no comment” to the newspaper’s request for a quote, request and the Mexican embassy in Madrid never replied back.

Content from El Pais translated by JammedUp

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