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Teen girl accuses South Carolina frat boy of sexual assault, while friend filmed attack

December 21, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Teen girl accuses South Carolina frat boy of sexual assault, while friend filmed attack

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A former student at the College of Charleston is suing a fraternity and the school, stating that she was the victim of a sexual assault after she was drugged during the first week of the semester, when she was only a 17-year-old freshman.

The lawsuit indicates that the teen attended a “Bid Day” party hosted by the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity on August 27th when two of the fraternity members, Timothy Seppi, 21, and James West III, 22, drove her into a bedroom.

The victim – who will remain anonymous – said that the two suspects locked the door, stripped off her clothes, and made her take cocaine and drink more alcohol.

She says she was then ordered to perform a sex act with West while Seppi documented the assault on his phone.

Other reports indicate that a witness who was in the room observed “some kid” taking the victim’s clothes off and the girl “started saying no,” ABC News4 reported.

According to the suit, the men became agitated when the girl kept opposing and left her naked and “alone and crying on the bedroom floor.” Later that day, she went to the Medical University Hospital where a rape kit was administered.

Police joined the victim at the hospital and collected her statement.

Friends told authorities that she didn’t want to go to the hospital, but that her roommate and dorm resident adviser persuaded her to go after finding out details of the assault.

The teen is now requesting unspecified damages for the physical and emotional pain she suffered.

Attorney Nathan Hughey said the girl decided to sue because the fraternity and the college fostered an environment where this type of assault could happen. He stated that she was so traumatized she left school and went back home out-of-state.

Witnesses who attended the party said Seppi (pictured with a woman in a Facebook photo) was ‘highly intoxicated’ and got aggressive with strippers who were at the event

“Her dreams of what her life was going to be at this point have been ruined,” the attorney noted. “This is something that’s going to carry on with her for the rest of her life.”

In the following weeks, Seppi and West were taken into custody. Seppi has been charged with first-degree and third-degree exploitation of a minor, while West has been charged with engaging a minor in a sexual performance. Detectives allegedly discovered pictures on Seppi’s phone which show the victim undressed on the bed with a naked individual, who she named as West.

Charleston police revealed that additional charges might be filed as investigators wait for the results of other tests. Just after he turned himself into authorities, West provided a DNA swab. Officials have not indicated whether his DNA matches evidence in the rape kit. Both men have been released on $15,000 bail.

Neither men have been charged with rape yet, but those charges could be added as the investigation continues.

Friends who also attended the party told detectives that there were strippers there and that a “highly intoxicated” Seppi grew aggressive toward them – which eventually caused him to be removed from the party.

Three days after the accusations came to fruition, national leaders of Alpha Epsilon Pi removed the chapter’s charter, and the College of Charleston President Glenn McConnell declared a ban on alcohol at all Greek functions, citing that there have been a number of problems, such as alcohol poisoning and disruptive events.

Several other fraternities and sororities have been terminated or disciplined since the incident.

Records also indicate that in 2012, there were 10 cases of sexual assault reported at the college, three in 2013, and another 13 reported in 2014.

The attorney for national Alpha Epsilon Pi, Jim B. Ewbank, said in a statement:

“Alpha Epsilon Pi has a very clear and strong policy against sexual assault, and provides education to its chapters on this policy.”

He added: “No similar allegations had been previously made about the two individuals charged with the sexual assault, making this very disturbing incident completely unforeseeable.”

According to prior reports, West is from New York and was studying finance. Seppi is from Rockville, Maryland, his Facebook profile indicates.

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