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Canadian “coke babe” Melinda Roberge who posted round-the-world drug run on Instagram weeps in court

December 22, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Canadian “coke babe” Melinda Roberge who posted round-the-world drug run on Instagram weeps in court

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The 23-year-old Canadian woman, Melinda Roberge, who is accused of the infamous 211-pound cocaine importation on a cruise ship, is scheduled to stand trial in February in Australia for her role in the record drug conspiracy.

Roberge loudly wept in Sydney’s Central Local Court as Magistrate Robert Williams noted the reasons why he was ordering her to stand trial.

She appeared in the courtroom and started sobbing almost immediately as she spoke to her attorney, News.com.au reported.

Williams said prosecutors had developed a strong circumstantial case against the woman, who was apprehended on August 28th, along with retired porn star Isabelle Lagace, and a third French Canadian, Andre Tamine.

Roberge and Lagace shared a room on board the Sea Princess for 39 days. While Tamine occupied his own cabin.

A total of 211 pounds of high-grade cocaine was reportedly found in suitcases in both cabins, with 63 pounds of the drug discovered in the cabin shared by the two women.

‘Cocaine hotties’: The Canadian Instagram babes were busted in ‘record $40 million coke bust’

“It is evident there was a large quantity of the substance which appeared to be in safe keeping in the room shared by Lagace and Roberge,” Williams said.

“It is highly improbable that a person other than Roberge or Lagace would have stored the items in the suitcase under the bed. The cabin space was tiny. The bag was large. All other suitcases in the cabin were empty.”

The judge said Roberge and the other two suspects in the drug scheme had booked their tickets for the Sea Princess cruise within one day of each other and did so through the same travel agent.

He also indicated that the two women shared an email address, both embarked on the cruise on July 20th, and their emergency contacts that they listed were the same.

Williams also noted that the suitcases discovered with the potent drug were comparable in weight, the cocaine within was of a similar level of purity, similarly packaged in bags, and taped with the same packing tape.

Williams asked the defendant to stand up as he asked her three questions regarding whether she wanted to provide any evidence about the charge against her of carrying a commercial quantity of a border-controlled drug.

Crying loudly, Roberge replied “no” to each of the questions.

She continued to wail as Williams scheduled her for trial on February 3rd for her role in the drug plot.

The two charming women made international headlines after it surfaced that they had posted images of their exotic trip on Instagram in the weeks before their climactic capture.

Roberge’s attorneys previously contended that she was unaware of the cocaine importation and spent 40 days sharing Lagace’s cabin not knowing the contents of the suitcase.

Lagace ultimately pleaded guilty to the importation of a commercial amount of a border-controlled drug.

A suitcase filled with cocaine after it was seized by customs on board the Sea Princess in Sydney

Seven members of the cocaine group were aboard the Sea Princess as it sailed from New York via Tahiti to Sydney transporting 211 pounds of cocaine.

Crown prosecutor Lincoln Crowley argued that the two beautiful young Canadian women were a fundamental part of this “floating warehouse” of drugs, having concealed 63 pounds of it in a suitcase in their tiny cabin.

Along with their co-accused, Tamine, four individuals who were part of the purported drug operation were also on the cruise ship as the ship sailed toward Australia.

Evidence provided during a committal hearing for Melinda Roberge reported that she was an aware participant in the effort to bring the cocaine into Australia.

The Canadian cocaine cruise girls arrested in Australia Instagram photos

However, attorney Ragni Mathur explained that Melinda Roberge was oblivious of the cocaine in her friend’s luggage.

She also revealed Roberge had booked her trip with another man who was not linked with the criminal organization behind the drug deal.

But, Mathur told the court that Lagace and Tamine had booked their vacation together.

Mathur also stated that Roberge should escape trial because she was only guilty because of her association with the other defendant.

The attorney maintained that despite the fact that Roberge was a friend, that did not mean she knew about the cocaine conspiracy.

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