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Oklahoma man found beheaded and castrated in back of New Mexico Walmart

December 22, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Oklahoma man found beheaded and castrated in back of New Mexico Walmart

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Authorities are still on the hunt for who is responsible for the death of an Oklahoma man found castrated and beheaded in the back of a New Mexico Walmart last weekend.

The beheaded victim was found over the weekend behind the Albuquerque Walmart, a statement from the local police department announced.

Since the killing, authorities have identified the victim as Clifford Miller, 42, by analyzing his fingerprints in law enforcement databases.

Police investigators also stated Miller traveled to New Mexico to find work and had only been in the area a short time before his death.

Miller has a history of drug convictions, which include a 1995 incident for growing marijuana, according to Tulsa’s Newson6. The station also reported that local police have not been able to establish a motive but are looking at the probability that the murder could be linked to Mexican drug cartels.

Mexican cartels frequently behead their victims as part of their enforcement methods directed at spreading terror.

For close to one year, two rival groups of the Los Zetas cartel have been fighting a vicious turf war over control of key drug trafficking territories in Mexico. The violence has resulted in near daily dismemberments and beheadings.

The body of Clifford Miller, 42, was found beheaded and mutilated in Albuquerque, N.M. last weekend. This picture is the most recent available of Miller, who once served time for growing marijuana. (DOC)

Although not common in the United States, Mexican cartels have still managed to carry out marked beheadings north of the border. According to Breitbart Texas, during Spring Break 2015, a cell of Mexico’s Gulf Cartel, which was purportedly led by a corrupt U.S. Border Patrol agent, beheaded an undocumented immigrant.

The victim’s remains were discovered in the waters off of the Texas beach city of South Padre Island. In that incident, authorities have apprehended multiple suspects, including the agent for their positions in the torture, beheading, and then disposing of the body. The victim’s head was never recovered.

In August 2016, San Antonio Police and other law enforcement departments launched a homicide investigation after the recovery of a headless, burning body in a dumpster. The victim’s hands were also severed.

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