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Sons, godson of “El Chapo” among Mexico’s remaining 122 most wanted security objectives

December 22, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Sons, godson of “El Chapo” among Mexico’s remaining 122 most wanted security objectives

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The two sons and a godson of Mexican drug lord Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán are among 17 remaining on a list of 122 of the most-wanted organized crime figures sought by Mexico’s federal government.

The list of 122 top security objectives was put forth in recent years by the Mexican government and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

The initiative was part of an overall effort targeting the top leaders and financial operators of the most powerful criminal organizations responsible for much of the violence south of the border and proliferation of narcotics flowing into the U.S. each year.

The Mexican law enforcement officials achieved their top objective in January with the arrest of Guzman, the leader of the Sinaloa Federation Cartel.

Other infamous drug lords on the list who the Mexican government has succeeded in capturing include Alfredo and Hector Beltrań Leyva (BLO), Servando Gomez Martinez “La Tuta” of the Knights Templar. Omar Trevino Morales, “Z42” and his brother, considered the most bloodthirsty of them all Miguel Angel Trevino Morales “Z40” (Los Zetas).

Among the kingpins on the list neutralized by the Mexican government include Arturo Beltran-Leyva, who was killed in 2009 during a shootout with the military.

Heriberto Lazcano, the Zetas leader who died in a shootout in 2012 with the Naval Marines in Progreso, Coahuila.

And Nazario Moreno González alias “El Chayo” leader of the Knights Templar, killed in 2014 during a two-day gunbattle with security forces in Tumbiscatío, Michoacán.

Federal police officials recently revealed the remaining fugitives on the government’s list to El Universal.  The most notable names included Iván Archivaldo and Alfredo Guzmán Salazar, sons of “El Chapo” and heirs to their father’s cartel empire.

Ivan Archivaldo Guzman, son of “El Chapo,” leaving the Altiplano Prison back in 2008

DEA officials say both children of El Chapo are believed to have assumed leadership positions within the command structure of the Sinaloa cartel since their father’s arrest.

“‘El Chapo” may be in custody and may have been removed from his leadership, but his children are very involved in the criminal activity of the cartel,” DEA Russell K. Baer told the EFE News Agency last week.

Another flamboyant “narco junior” on the list is Dámaso López Serrano, also known as “El Mini Lic,” who officials have identified as the godson of Guzman.

At the top of the most sought after list are the Sinaloa Federation’s two top bosses — Ismael “El Mayo” Zambada and Dámaso López Núñez, aka “The Bachelor,” a former prosecutor and father of “El Mini Lic.”

Damaso Lopez helped “El Chapo” Guzmán first escape from a maximum security prison at Puente Grande, Jalisco, in 2001.

Narco junior Damaso Lopez Serrano “El Mini Lic” is among the 17 of the 122 most wanted security objectives sought by Mexican authorities

The man who replaced “El Chapo” as the most wanted man in Mexico Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, also known as “El Mencho,” the leader of the ultra-violent New Generation Jalisco Cartel (CJNG).

“El Mencho” is sought for a string of deadly attacks on federal and state police as well as for the assassinations of several public officials.

Authorities say the rapid rise of his New Generation Cartel has coincided with a wave of violence in multiple states as the group seeks to move in on territories held by rival criminal organizations.

The last objective on the list to be captured was the Sinaloa Cartel’s Vicente Rufino Carrillo, who was detained back in November during an operation Acapulco.

Carillo was number 105 on the list, who oversaw drug manufacturing and weapons trafficking operations for the criminal organization in the mountainous region of Guerrero bordering Oaxaca.

Top three most wanted drug lords in Mexico, Dámaso López Núñez, “The Bachelor”, Ismael “El Mayo” Lombardo and Oseguera Cervantes, “El Mencho”

According to El Universal, authorities had also identified that the ongoing dispute between the Sinaloa cartel and BLO has generated a wave of violence that has swept across some areas of Mexico.

Authorities managed the capture of Alfredo Beltrán Guzman, son of jailed kingpin Alfredo Beltrán Leyva, in Zapopan, Jalisco, who is one of the primary facilitators of the ongoing war between the two criminal organizations.

Moreover, the DEA are paying close attention to the struggle for control of the U.S. drug market between Mexico’s two most powerful drug trafficking groups.

“The Sinaloa cartel and CJNG are fighting for control of the U.S. heroin kingdom, a territory formerly dominated by the Colombian cartels, which has also escalated violence,” Baer said.

“The CJNG are pushing their way into territories in Mexico and the U.S., although the criminal group of ‘El Chapo’ is still the dominate player that has circulated the most drugs in US territory,” he said.

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