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ISIS issues hit list including names, addresses of thousands of churches across U.S.

December 23, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
ISIS issues hit list including names, addresses of thousands of churches across U.S.

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ISIS has released a hit list that includes the names and addresses of thousands of churches in the U.S. and called on its followers to attack them during the holiday season, a message posted on Wednesday in the group’s “Secrets of Jihadis” social media group stated.

A user by the name of “Abu Marya al-Iraqi” wrote an Arabic post requesting “for bloody celebrations in the Christian New Year” and revealed the group’s ideas to utilize its network of lone wolf terrorists to “turn the Christian New Year into a bloody horror movie.”

The string of posts appeared in a pro-ISIS group on Telegram, which also produces manuals for the use and manufacturing of weapons and explosives for striving assailants. The information, distributed in a number of posts, was all available online and includes a public record of churches across all 50 states, according to Fox News.

In another post, a member ordered “the sons of Islam” to target “churches, well-known hotels, packed coffee shops, streets, markets, and public places,” and shared a listing of addresses in the U.S., as well as in Canada, the Netherlands, and France.

ISIS declared responsibility for this week’s Christmas market attack in Berlin that murdered 12 and wounded 48 victims. The group announced that the attacker was a “soldier of the Islamic State,” who followed organizational plans “to target coalition countries.” The man has been identified as Anis Amri, a Tunisian man, who allegedly had Salafi and jihadi connections in Germany and Tunisia. He is still the object of an extensive manhunt in Germany.

The Islamic State has released such lists before. Back in June, a “kill list” was published that included over 8,000 names and addresses, which included police officers in the U.S. However, that list resulted in no such attacks.

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