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Former NYC teacher fired for having love child with student found dead with young son

December 26, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Former NYC teacher fired for having love child with student found dead with young son

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Police officials in New York City say a former higher school teacher, who garnered national headlines for having a baby with a student after seducing the teen, was found strangled to death along with her child inside of her Harlem apartment on Monday.

Officers were dispatched to the 3rd floor flat belonging to Felicia Barahona located at 640 West 153rd Street around 8:15 am Monday and discovered the bodies of the woman and her young son.

NYPD officials said the 36-year old veteran of the Afghan war was found in the living room of her apartment with an electrical cord wrapped around her neck.

Police discovered the body of her 4-year-old son Miguel Barhouna drowned in the bathtub, according to the New York Post.

Felicia Barahona and her son Miguel (Facebook)

The former science teacher made national headlines in 2013 after New York City School officials terminated her $73,000 per year teaching position at Dewy Clinton High School after seducing a 17-year-old student which led to her having baby with the teen.

The former educator struck up a relationship with the boy when he was 15 and reportedly waited two years to engage in intercourse with the student.

Barhouna allegedly told the boy “not to worry about using protection” during their five-times a week sexual tryst.

Neighbors at the apartment described Barahona as “odd” and unfriendly — and little Miguel as a rambunctious but intelligent child who loved to play with his train set in the hallway.

Felicia Barahona (right) and her son Miguel (left) were both found dead Monday inside their Harlem apartment Facebook

The mother also would dress the boy up as a girl according to residents in the building.

“It is odd to see the little boy sometimes dressed up as a girl. the little boy runs up and down the hall and I never see her saying ‘Be quiet’ or ‘Come back here’ or anything,” said Javier Yudelka, who lived down the hall.

“He’s just allowed to run around and do what he wants,” he added.

“There was never any noise from her apartment. It didn’t even sound like anyone was in there,” said another neighbor who refused to be named.

Police officials said investigators have yet to determine a motive but are working establish whether the deaths of the mother and child were a homicide or murder-suicide.

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