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160 skulls and skeletal remains in a narco-cemetery in Mexican state of Veracruz

December 28, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
160 skulls and skeletal remains in a narco-cemetery in Mexican state of Veracruz

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An official in the Mexican state of Veracruz confirmed the discovery of 160 skulls and thousands of bone fragments found in a narco-cemetery in the city of Colinas de Santa Fe.’

State Attorney General Jorge Winckler Ortiz said forensic testing have only managed to identify sixty of the bodies analyzed.

Winckler Ortiz conceded that complaints from groups of relatives of missing persons regarding the operation to exhume the remains had been hampered by the lack of economic resources to do the proceedings, as well as by the plethora of cases overwhelming the Forensic medical services. according to Proceso.

The prosecutor said officials carried out 900 DNA tests on the relatives of missing persons in Veracruz but said the release of evidence could take three to five months.

As a result of the mounting criticism by families of the missing victims, Ortiz announced he planned to meet with the Federal Government’s Scientific Police and Undersecretariat of Government to “secure additional resources” to help train staff of the State Attorney General’s Office to improve recovery operations.

Meanwhile, Veracruz governor, Miguel Angel Yunes Linares, said that he is already working with Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office (PGR) to create a single database of missing persons and bodies found in various clandestine cemeteries, where violent drug cartels rid the bodies of their victims.

“We are crossing data and information, which in the coming days we will release to the public,” Yunes said in a statement.

Yunes succeeded former Veracruz governor Javier Duarte, who is currently a fugitive from justice and the subject of an arrest warrant issued by the federal judge for racketeering and money laundering.

During Duarte’s six-year tenor as governor, Mexican authorities have recorded over 1,000 disappearances in Veracruz.

Furthermore, over 1,800 missing person cases recorded in the last decade remain unsolved. Of the total victims, 70% are young people between 17 and 27 years of age.

Upon assuming the office of governor, Yunes Linares prioritized the search for the missing of Veracruz.

In early December, he announced the creation of a “Truth Commission,” which is an agency with extensive authority independently and autonomously investigate missing person cases.

As of November 15th, authorities have uncovered around 6,333 skeletal remains and 111 skulls from 47 clandestine graves located around the Santa Fe area alone.

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