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Suspect in murder of D.C. “Step Up” actress Tricia McCauley claims she committed suicide after having sex

December 29, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Suspect in murder of D.C. “Step Up” actress Tricia McCauley claims she committed suicide after having sex

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A man, who is the alleged killer of D.C. “Step Up” actress and yoga instructor  Tricia McCauley, who disappeared on Christmas, told investigators that the woman committed suicide after they had sex, court documents revealed.

Adrian Duane Johnson, 27, was taken into custody on Monday night after authorities said he was discovered to be using a vehicle belonging to the 46-year-old victim

Police found McCauley’s remains inside the small car, stuck between the rear and front seats and hidden from view, according to documents filed in D.C. Superior Court on Wednesday.

Investigators said that the victim was choked and beaten to death. Tricia McCauley also had wounds to her genital area, court documents indicate, which do explicitly state whether she was raped, ABC News reported.

Adrian Duane Johnson, 27, is seen being loaded into a police vehicle after he was arrested on Tuesday just after midnight

Johnson, whose criminal past includes multiple theft convictions, was required to wear a GPS ankle monitor just days before the killing, and a judge had also ordered a mental health assessment.

He was charged with first-degree murder and is being held without bail.

The suspect told law enforcement officials that he met the woman on or around Christmas when she asked him if he wanted a ride.

Court records also revealed that he told detectives that she offered to have sex with him and they had sex “on a curb somewhere.”

The actress, a yoga teacher, and a licensed nutritionist held a Master’s degree in herbal medicine and was part of a theater company in Washington, DC

He told police that after the encounter, she became depressed and said she wanted to commit suicide.

Johnson asserts that Tricia McCauley hung herself inside of her vehicle, although he was unable to expose what she used to hang herself.

He also said that she told him he could use her car, credit cards, and money, and then asked, “If someone is suicidal and gives you all their stuff is that illegal?”

The 27-year-old said he picked up a prostitute and rode around the city with McCauley’s lifeless body in the car.

Johnson had injuries to his jaw and hand when he was apprehended, according to police.

The actress was a stand-in in ‘Step Up’, a 2006 dance movie starring Channing Tatum

McCauley was reported missing after she failed to show up to a Christmas party hosted by her friends in the city’s theater community.

Ann Norton, the executive director of the Washington Stage Guild, stated that there was proof that McCauley left her apartment with the brussels sprouts she intended to bring to the party.

McCauley had parts in multiple Washington Stage Guild productions, most recently in “On Approval” in 2015, a British comedy from the 1920s. She also played the starring role in “Never Dream: The Beginning,” a short horror film in 2012, and in “Paper Girl” in 2000.

In addition to her profession as an actress, McCauley worked as a yoga instructor.

About 100 people assembled at the yoga studio to honor their friend, with many holding candles as they walked to LeDroit Park Community Garden where the woman took care of plants and herbs.

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Johnson was arrested earlier this month at a CVS and charged with stealing four electric toothbrushes, the Washington Post reported.

He was then accused of the killing after a neighbor noticed McCauley’s car and contacted authorities after he saw a “critical missing alert” for McCauley.

Police recovered her vehicle parked outside of a CVS and confronted the man. When Johnson turned over the keys, officers found McCauley’s body inside.

Johnson’s stepfather, Russell Dixon, said that his stepson was living on the streets and had mental problems.

However, Dixon stated that he “never saw any aggression.”

Dixon also said that the suspect’s mother, Marlene Dixon, had attempted to get her son help in the past.

“The court system let him go. That’s not the help he needs,” he added. “He should have been held.”

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