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Four members of Georgia drug distribution network plead guilty to trafficking 8,800 pounds of meth

December 31, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Four members of Georgia drug distribution network plead guilty to trafficking  8,800 pounds of meth

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Four out of 12 co-defendants — belonging to a drug distribution network in Hall County, Georgia charged with trafficking about 8,800 pounds of meth — have pleaded guilty in federal court.

Authorities arrested members of the“Lenox Park Cartel” members during a raid in 2015, which led to the recovery of roughly $1 million worth of cocaine, marijuana, and meth, The Gainesville Times reported.

According to court records, four of the suspected members of the drug distribution network — Christel Ivester, Alejandro Avila, William Suarez, and Carlos Alfredo Cantero-Cruz — have entered guilty pleas.

Ivester pled guilty on December 21st to conspiring to possess meth with the intent to distribute and possessing a firearm during a drug trafficking crime. She received 11-years behind bars.

“Ms. Ivester regrets her involvement in the conspiracy, has fully accepted responsibility for her conduct and looks forward to making a better life for herself and her family,” Ivester’s lawyer Regina Cannon told reporters on Wednesday.

Suarez pleaded guilty to conspiring to possess with the intent to distribute meth and was sentenced to 78 months behind bars to be served concurrently with another sentence he is serving currently.

Four of the 12 co-conspirators including Carlos Alfredo Cantera (top left) William Suarez, (top right) Christel Ivester (bottom left) and Alejandro Avila (bottom right) have pleaded guilty to multiple counts of drug trafficking

Avila’s guilty plea included conspiracy to possess meth with the intent to distribute and possession of a firearm during a drug trafficking offense.

Cantero-Cruz pleaded guilty to “knowingly and intentionally” distributing meth.

Sentencing has not been scheduled for Avila or Cantero-Cruz.

Attorney Steven Berne filed a motion for dismissal of Carrera’s charges asserting “outrageous government conduct” about a confidential informant in the investigation.

The documents filed on March 1st alleges that the source moved in and “told Ms. Carrera that he wanted to make money by dealing drugs.”

The motion also claims Carrera was battered and verbally attacked.

“A hearing was scheduled on her motion to dismiss on June 8, but she did not appear at the hearing, and a bench warrant was issued for her arrest,” a report filed on Tuesday in U.S. District Court indicated. “She remains a fugitive.”

According to a court order filed, the case is deemed ready for trial for co-defendants Ruben Ruiz, Diego Armando Cantero, Marco Antonio Cantero, Edwin Barrera, Jose Ramon Cardenas, and Raul Mendoza Garcia.

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