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Man massacres 11 members of same family including ex-wife and son in Brazil

January 2, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Man massacres 11 members of same family including ex-wife and son in Brazil

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Twelve family members were brutally murdered in a massacre on New Year’s Day in Brazil after a gunman went on a violent rampage and killed his ex-wife, eight-year-old son, and relatives.

Three people who were wounded in the massacre are currently recovering in the hospital.

The killer left a message on his cell phone apologizing for his acts before devastating the family in the vicious attack and then turning the gun on himself.

The suspect stormed a house party and killed 11 people in southeastern Brazil. Among the victims are the shooters ex-wife Isamara Filier, 41, and their son João Victor

Among the victims was Carolina de Oliveira Batista, pictured, who was at the house party

According to authorities, the shooter has been identified as 46-year-old Sidnei Ramos de Araujo. He jumped the wall of a home in Campinas, Brazil, just before midnight on New Year’s Eve. He proceeded to open fire with a 9mm firearm.

Eleven people were instantly killed in the carnage, and one died from her injuries at the Hospital.

One attendee managed to escape to a bathroom and called the police as the gunfire erupted, The Daily Mail reported.

According to a police spokesman, survivors of the massacre said that just before midnight, the man jumped over a fence surrounding the property, ripped open a door, and opened fire as he scolded his ex-wife for taking their son.

Sidnei Ramis de Araújo, right, murdered his son João Victor and 10 others during a crazed gun rampage

Araújo possibly tried to make use of the bustle of New Year’s Eve to disguise the shooting, according to law enforcement.

At least one of those hurt fled by running to a neighbor’s home. Christiano Machado, a next-door neighbor, said he heard the gunshots before midnight but assumed that they were fireworks.

“When we opened the gate to see the fireworks, the celebrations, a wounded person came into our yard. He entered, asking for help,” he revealed in a video.

Despite high rates of violence and crime in the country, which include significant problems with attacks against women, the carnage alarmed Latin America’s biggest country on a holiday associated with family and celebrations.

Araújo stormed this house and murdered 11 people before turning the gun on himself

Gun-related killings are common in robberies, holdups, and confrontations with police, drug gangs and other criminals in Brazil, but directed mass shootings are unusual.

Authorities said Araújo, who worked as a laboratory technician, used a 9 mm firearm and had two additional clips, extra ammunition, a knife and unspecified amount of explosives that were unused.

Police are still not clear if Araújo had a history of violence, or whether he was known to physically hurt or threaten his former wife before the brutal killings.

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