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Thieves plow plow into Texas gun range, steal weapons

January 6, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Thieves plow plow into Texas gun range, steal weapons

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Two thieves in Houston, Texas used a truck to break into the side of a gun range on early Thursday morning. They drove off with all the rifles and pistols they could get their hands on.

“Two young males drove a pickup truck into the side of the business, went in, and took assorted rifles and pistols at roughly 4 in the morning,” Captain Eddie Martin of the South Houston Police Department said.

The alarm went off, but law enforcement officials were not promptly informed. Police arrived on the scene at the Marksman Indoor Gun Range in South Houston early Thursday morning, but the robbers had already fled. South Houston Police officers arrived within seven minutes of the theft.

“They were in pretty quick and out pretty quick,” Martin said.

Police say 32,000 guns have been reported stolen since 2012

Authorities are examining surveillance footage but do not have a license plate at this time.

According to The Houston Chronicle, approximately 32,000 guns have been robbed in the area in the last eight years and that only 7% of those have been found.

The firearms were taken from Houston area residences, pawn shops, vehicles, and gun dealers.

Texas is number one in the nation in robberies from unlicensed gun dealers and has an active black market for firearms that have been stolen. Furthermore, stolen guns are regularly used to commit other crimes.

There were 6,041 reports of pistols being lost or stolen from Federal Firearms licensees in the U.S. in 2012, according to the ATF.

The Crime Prevention Research Center reported that Federal Firearm License holders sold an estimated 16 million guns in 2015 and 6,163 of those were stolen.

Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton sought to make gun makers legally responsible for the perversion of stolen guns.

Clinton responded to the dissolution of a lawsuit against Remington Arms by families of the Sandy Hook Elementary victims by referring to it as “incomprehensible.” She doubled-down on her promise to change laws to allow gun makers to be sued by victims.

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