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Guard charged at MDC Brooklyn federal prison facility charged with hiring hit man to paralyze ex-wife

January 7, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Guard charged at MDC Brooklyn federal prison facility charged with hiring hit man to paralyze ex-wife

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A guard at the Metropolitan Federal Detention Center in Brooklyn, New York was himself put behind bars on Friday for reportedly trying to employ a hit man to paralyze his ex-wife and her new boyfriend with a hammer.

George Gonzalez, 53, a guard at MDC Brooklyn, wanted his ex-wife and her boyfriend in Florida to “suffer . . . for the rest of their lives,” a federal complaint revealed.

However, his revenge plot was thwarted because he made a critical error in choosing his hit man. He hired an undercover officer who recorded their phone conversations, The New York Post reported.

“On or around December 20, 2016, George Gonzalez placed a call to a member of law enforcement acting in an undercover capacity,” the federal government stated in a complaint. “During the call, Gonzalez asked the [undercover cop] to do a ‘job,’ or commit a violent assault.”

The intended target was the suspect’s ex-wife and her new live-in boyfriend — one of Gonzalez’s former friends, a law-enforcement source reported.

“Gonzalez stated that he did not want the intended targets killed, but beaten, maimed, and paralyzed so that the targets would ‘suffer . . . for the rest of their lives,’” the complaint states.

The guard was driven “crazy” by his ex-wife’s betrayal, a law-enforcement source told The New York Post. “She left him and she had an affair with an acquaintance of his.”

Gonzalez told the undercover officer that the attack should “look like a robbery,” the complaint said — and that the hit man would be welcome to whatever was in the house as a form of partial payment.

“Taking a hammer to the spine” was one way to hurt the targets without actually murdering them, so their suffering could be prolonged, Gonzalez ­reportedly told his “hit man.”

A U.S. Army veteran, Gonzalez is still employed as a guard at MDC Brooklyn pending the outcome of the case.

On Friday, Artie McConnell, the Assistant U.S. Attorney, told the judge that Gonzalez’s ex-wife had been accusing him of stalking her, and she had filed an order of protection against him.

Gonzalez’s attorney, Chase Ruddy, said that his client, “denies any part in the alleged crimes.”

He remains in custody without bail pending a hearing scheduled for January 20th.

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