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NYPD captures escaped prisoner at penn station after 10 days on the run

January 8, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
NYPD captures escaped prisoner at penn station after 10 days on the run

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Authorities apprehended an escaped prisoner on Saturday after spending 10 days on the lam.

Officers captured Daniel Ortiz inside Penn Station at approximately 7:15 a.m.

The 31-year-old fled from police guarding him inside of an exam room at the Lenox Hill Healthplex in Greenwich Village on December 29th.

Ortiz, an ex-convict on parole for burglary, was arrested earlier that day for stealing at Macy’s in Herald Square.

Police brought him to the hospital after they found out that his finger was bleeding and he had a cut on his chest. The injuries stemmed from a stabbing that occurred three days earlier, the New York Daily News reported.

At the hospital, as the officer who was supposed to be guarding him began chatting on his phone, Ortiz broke out of his handcuffs and escaped.

Officer Albert Belcher, has been suspended pending the outcome of an internal investigation.

Ortiz had no shirt on and had a shackle hanging from one of his legs as he ran into the subway at W. 14th St. and 7th Ave.

On Saturday, Amtrack police patrolling Penn Station noticed Ortiz acting suspiciously and stopped him. He instantly identified himself as the escaped prisoner and said that he had been riding the trains ever since he fled from authorities.

Ortiz was no longer sporting the leg shackle.

Officials charged him with escape. His arraignment was pending as of Saturday morning.

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