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Texas man falsely accused of being drug dealer after police mistaken kitty litter in his car for meth

January 8, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Texas man falsely accused of being drug dealer after police mistaken kitty litter in his car for meth

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Ross Lebeau, a Texas resident who was mistakenly accused of drug dealing after police mistook a half-pound of cat litter in his vehicle for meth, is trying to clear his name.

“People have been calling me a kingpin or a drug lord,” Ross Lebeau said in an interview with KTRK. “They thought they had the biggest bust in Harris County. This was the bust of the year.”

Authorities arrested the 24-year-old after he was pulled over in early December where he was charged with possession of close to half a pound of meth.

Lebeau’s name and mug shot were then published in a sheriff’s office press release that claimed the arrest “may have kept children and loved ones free from being introduced to drugs.”

However, on Wednesday, the case was dropped because the “drugs” in the Houston man’s vehicle weren’t drugs at all.

Lebeau said the substance that police believed was meth was just a sock with kitty litter — an assumed means of stopping the car windows from fogging up. The sock of cat litter was given to him and his sister by their father.

Interestingly enough, deputies performed two field tests, and the substance tested positive for meth — the third test conducted in the county’s forensic lab corrected the mistake.

Lebeau and his lawyer don’t hold a grudge against the officers, but instead the tests employed by police.

“Ultimately, it might be budget-cutting testing equipment they need to re-evaluate,” his lawyer George Reul stated, noting that prosecutors had almost laughed out loud when they learned what Lebeau had in his vehicle.

Lebeau said the extensive attention the media paid to the case left him embarrassed and without work — so for now, he’s working to clear his record.

“I would like an apology,” he said. “I was wrongly accused, and I’m going to do everything with my family’s backing, to clear my name.”

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