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3 cartel hitmen killed in shootout with police in Mexican border city of Matamoros: Graphic

January 12, 2017  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
3 cartel hitmen killed in shootout with police in Mexican border city of Matamoros: Graphic

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Mexican police killed two cartel gunmen during an intense gun battle in the border city of Matamoros,  Tamaulipas, officials said on Wednesday.

The Tamaulipas Coordination Group said the shootout was the first in a series of violent incidents as part of a larger operation targeting Gulf cartel operatives in the region.

The skirmish occurred after a state police patrol in two SUV’s came across two armed men driving a gray Ford pickup, Breitbart Texas reported.

Police killed the three alleged hitmen during a shootout in Matamoros

Lifeless body of one of dead gunmen laying next to a grey pick up

As the officers attempted to pull the vehicle over, the gunmen sped off igniting rolling shootout.

Police officials said the suspects fired at police vehicles with AK-47 and AR15 assault rifles.

The two suspects were killed in the violent exchange.

Authorities said one of the police officers lost an eye after suffering a gunshot wound to his face.

One state police officer lost an eye during the confrontation and is reported in stable condition

The rolling shootout was one of several gunbattles that occurred throught the city.

Additionally, citizen journalists reported violent confrontations throughout the day including sporadic shootouts around the city.

Cartel operatives reportedly carjacked vehicles, which they used to set up roadblocks across primary roadways in the eastern and southern sections of Matamoros.

Mexican officials speaking on the condition of anonymity said the violence was ignited after authorities conducted an operation, which aimed at capturing the top leadership of the Gulf Cartel.

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