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Police: Former NBC producer found dead with gallon sized bags of meth, over $27K in cash

January 14, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Police: Former NBC producer found dead with gallon sized bags of meth, over $27K in cash

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A former NBC producer was discovered dead in a drug-filled apartment in Manhattan. The two men that he was hanging out with were taken into custody after they contacted authorities.

On January 4th, 36-year-old Thomas Felty died at an apartment on the Upper East Side where George Lopez, 50, and Patrick Walsh, 33, were taken into custody and were charged with possessing a controlled substance.

Lopez and Walsh met up with the victim earlier that day, and the men went back to Lopez’s apartment.

According to the New York Post, Walsh and Lopez took a nap and woke up to discover Felty had stopped breathing.

Lopez immediately called 911 and police who responded to the scene at approximately 5 a.m. found a trove of drugs, which included three-gallon size zip lock bags, along with six-half gallon zip lock bags that contained meth.

Felty’s cause of death is still pending further tests, but a police source said Felty had an enlarged heart and had taken narcotics the night of his death

Officers also recovered two large zip lock bags which contained cocaine, 100 ecstasy pills, 34 Molly pills, 16 more “cat shaped” ecstasy pills, 56 unknown pills, and $26,985.00 in cash concealed in a laundry basket.

Moreover, authorities recovered a duffel bag with more drugs in it, including hundreds of ecstasy pills, meth, marijuana, rock cocaine, and 58 diazepam pills.

A preliminary investigation revealed that Felty, who is originally from Tennessee, suffered from an enlarged heart and had taken narcotics. The official cause of death is still imminent as further tests are being conducted, a spokeswoman for the city Medical Examiner’s office stated.

An online obituary indicated that Felty, a former NBC producer had also worked at Universal and several other production companies.

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