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Man convicted of rape after taking condom off during consensual sex

January 14, 2017  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Man convicted of rape after taking condom off during consensual sex

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A Swiss court has convicted a Frenchman who had consensual sex with a woman, of rape for removing his condom during intercourse with the victim.

According to the U.K.’s  Independent, the Criminal Court of Lausanne, Switzerland, issued the landmark ruling on Monday which resulted in a one-year suspended sentence against the 47-year-old defendant.

“This decision, which can be the subject of an appeal, is a first in Switzerland,” Baptiste Viredaz, the attorney for the victim told RTS INFO website in response to the suspended sentence.

Authorities said the suspect whose name is being withheld by officials, first met the Swiss woman on the Tinder dating app in 2015.

The incident occurred during their second date in June that same year when they went back to her home and engaged in sexual intercourse.

The victim claimed the man agreed to her adamant request to wear protection, the newspaper said.

However, during the heated romantic encounter, the slickster took off the condom without her knowledge and continued on having sex.

The woman said she had only realized he had removed the condom after the fact.

The Swiss judge ruled the woman would have refused to engage in sexual intercourse with the man if she was made aware he had removed the condom.

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