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Gunmen deploy fake taxis to help Gulf cartel boss escape capture

January 15, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Gunmen deploy fake taxis to help Gulf cartel boss escape capture

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The regional Gulf Cartel boss in Reynosa, Tamaulipas managed to escape an organized attempt by the Mexican military to arrest him at a series of stash houses that he used. The escape was successful through the deployment of multiple fake taxis.

The violence erupted on Wednesday just after 4:30 am when Mexican Marines invaded a series of stash houses in four separate areas, which quickly turned into shootouts as cartel members opened fire at the military and started setting up roadblocks.

According to Breitbart Texas, Mexican law enforcement officials said that Juan Manuel “Toro” Loisa Salinas was inside one of the raided stash houses.

Gulf cartel boss narrowly evaded capture during a military operation earlier this week

The home belonged to Loisa’s close associate, Petronilo “Comandante Panilo” or “M70” Moreno Flores, who was present during the raid as well.

Under the guise of dozens of fake cabs that took to the streets, the cartel bosses managed to evade capture while cartel gunmen began a gun battle with military forces.

During the escape, the military figured out the tactic but not before Loisa and Moreno fled.

The Gulf cartel leader was hiding out at a stash house in Reynosa

In recent weeks, Mexican Marines have increased their efforts in targeting the Gulf Cartel leadership. This revived effort has forced cartel authorities to use taxis instead of ostentatious SUVs.

Intelligence reports revealed that the Gulf Cartel has ordered the fake taxis to cease operations until further notice.

Taxis in the border cities have long been utilized by cartels primarily as low profile lookouts who can communicate timely information without raising suspicion.

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