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Chicago police officer arrested for sexual contact with underage girl

January 16, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Chicago police officer arrested for sexual contact with underage girl

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A Chicago police officer, who is accused of having sexual contact with an underage girl, has been charged with criminal sexual assault.

51-year-old Eugene Ciardullo was taken into custody by fellow cops at his residence on Saturday afternoon, Officer Jose Estrada, the department spokesman, said. On Sunday, Cook County Judge Maria Kuriakos Ciesil ordered Ciardullo to be held on $75,000 bond.

In court, prosecutors said that Ciardullo started communicating with the victim and her friends on social media when she was only 16-years-old. Prosecutors and authorities said the victim named Ciardullo as the person who started a “sexual relationship” with her when she was 17-years-old.

“The defendant and the victim discussed their age and the defendant told the victim he could lose his job and go to jail if they were caught,” Ed Murillo, the assistant state’s attorney, revealed. “The defendant told the victim to tell people that they were good friends.”

Ciardullo confessed to the allegations and admitted that he was aware of the teen’s age, The Chicago tribune reported.

He is listed to appear back in court on Tuesday.

Ciardullo, of the Scottsdale neighborhood, was working in the department’s Deering District on the South Side, according to Chicago police spokesperson Anthony Guglielmi.

In addition to his post as a Chicago Police officer, he also was employed as a part-time security guard at a public school in Mount Greenwood, a neighborhood known for its large number of firefighter and police residents. Michael Passman, a spokesperson for the school district, said the man’s employment with the school district ended in December.

“A security officer at the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences was removed from his position in response to serious allegations, and the individual is no longer an employee…” Passman stated.

He added: “The school responded and followed proper protocol after it became aware of the allegations, and CPS is cooperating with law enforcement as it investigates.”

Approximately two dozen of his relatives were in court and appeared shocked by the allegations, with some family members holding each other’s hands while sobbing. One man propped his forehead against a pew in a visible daze.

Ciardullo’s defense lawyer, George Grzeca, said the cop’s career accomplishments include 100 honorable mentions and four commendations. He is also a four-year Marine Corps veteran.

If he does post bail, Ciardullo will be forced to surrender his passport and any guns that he owns. He also is forbidden from using the internet and having any contact with anyone under the age of 18. According to court documents, Ciardullo has seven kids; all of whom are adults.

The division of internal affairs is also investigating the matter, Guglielmi stated, and will present their findings to the Chicago Police Board to decide what punishment should be ordered.

“The Chicago Police Department is also investigating this incident internally and administratively,” Guglielmi announced in a statement. “We remain committed to the highest levels of accountability for our officers and will not tolerate any activity or actions that undermine the integrity of the hard-working men and women of our Department.”

Ciardullo worked as a Chicago police officer since 1995.

Throughout his term with the Department, Ciardullo has garnered approximately 40 complaints on accusations ranging from minor personnel violations to using excessive force but has only been found to have committed wrongdoing in two instances. He was placed on a 10-day suspension back in 2001 for an allegation of using excessive force and a two-day suspension in 2008 for a violation related to “weapon/ammunition/uniform deviation.”

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