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Police arrest 20 suspected drug dealers in Daytona Beach sweep

January 17, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Police arrest 20 suspected drug dealers in Daytona Beach sweep

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On Friday, a few dozen suspected drug dealers in Daytona Beach were put on notice that they had a warrant out for their arrest.

Over 20 suspects were arrested as of Friday afternoon with close to 20 more wanted on drug charges as part of Operation “Kickoff,” according to Craig Capri, the Daytona Beach Police Chief.

“All of the suspects here have sold drugs to undercover officers and confidential sources,” Capri stated.

Authorities have been conducting the investigation, which targeted street and mid-level dealers, over the past six weeks with assistant from the DEA, FBI, Drug, and the State Attorney’s Office.

“There’s no structure here,” Capri said of the suspects. “It’s just free enterprise with a bunch of idiots out here selling drugs.”

Approximately 275 grams of cocaine, 1,137 grams of marijuana, almost 7 grams of heroin, 2 grams of meth, 1 gram of fentanyl, 2 grams of MDMA, hydromorphone, a gun, and more than $14,000 were seized during the raid, according to The Daytona News-Journal

Capri said that drugs and the crimes that occur as a result are one of the main criticisms that residents have about the community.

He also said drug dealers have no reservations about shooting anyone who gets in their way.

“What always happens? The innocent person gets killed,” Capri added.

“This is the first of many operations we have planned for the future,” Capri stated. “We’re not tolerating it in Daytona Beach, period.”

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