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Atlanta Police seize $9 million in marijuana during drug bust

January 21, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Atlanta Police seize $9 million in marijuana during drug bust

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Atlanta Police made one of the biggest marijuana busts in the city’s  history after more than $9 million worth of the drug was seized on Monday, according to narcotics officers.

“I think we got lucky, to be honest with you… But I’ll take luck sometimes any day,” Deputy Chief Darryl Tolleson stated, who is part of the Atlanta Police Department’s Criminal Investigations Division.

Tolleson revealed that a tip led to the almost 6,000 pounds of pot. The call came in at approximately 5 p.m. on Monday to report a load of drugs being transported through the city.

The 208 bales, which was wrapped in plastic and coated with Chlorine to try to avoid K-9 detection, are now secured in an evidence vault, Fox8 reported.

“Of course we know that that helps, they’re trying to throw the dogs off should some dogs come around that particular truck. You guys smelled it, and it’s a pretty intense smell back there,” Tolleson stated.

The Georgia State Patrol worked in conjunction with Atlanta police to pull over 29-year-old Jose Ibarra of Houston, as he drove a truck northward on Interstate 75. Once he was stopped, law enforcement opened the back door and discovered the cargo area full of weed.

Ibarra has since been charged with drug trafficking.

Authorities said that although the bust was large, it only makes a small dent in the drug trade. Police stated that they that would remain vigilant, in particular for the side effects that the underground drug market can have on the communities.

“I see it every day. Most of our shootings are tied to gangs or drugs many times its marijuana; it’s not some of the more dangerous stuff. So, it’s no doubt about it that crime is associated with all types of drugs, including marijuana,” Deputy Tolleson added.

Ibarra remained in custody on Thursday evening without bond. He is set to appear in court at the end of January

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