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Chicago Police launch gang raids arresting 120 suspects

January 24, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Chicago Police launch gang raids arresting 120 suspects

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Dozens of suspected gang members and firearms are off the streets after a series of gang raids that occurred over the weekend by Chicago authorities in the wake of the latest wave of violence to hit the Windy City.

The year 2016 concluded as one of Chicago’s most violent years in decades. CPD Superintendent Eddie Johnson said the department is taking a targeted approach to crime for 2017, which includes the use of specific data the police department has been collecting, and a new push to foster police-community partnerships and increased community engagement in Chicago’s most violent areas.

Police took 120 people into custody during the weekend gang raids, 98 of whom have previous arrests, 83 are previously convicted felons, 63 are reported gang members, 33 have previous gun charges, 15 are on probation and two will be federally prosecuted, NBC5 Chicago reported

Authorities seized 19 guns from the city’s most violence streets, including three shotguns, four rifles, and four fully-loaded magazines.

“One of them had a defaced serial number on it, so these are crime guns. These are guns that are being used to commit crimes, robberies, shootings, drive-bys. These are the guns we want off the street,” Anthony Riccio, Chief of Organized Crime, stated.

As January turns out to be more deadly than last year’s, which broke records with 51 homicides, Superintendent Johnson held a press conference to commend his officers’ work.

“The most difficult and dangerous thing that these officers do on a daily basis is arrest a bad guy with a gun. And they did that 9% over what they did in 2015,” Johnson said.

Johnson added that along with continued police efforts, it is crucial for the state to address sentencing for gun laws to decrease the violence in Chicago.

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