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Georgia man used drones to smuggle contraband for prison drug trafficking organization

January 24, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Georgia man used drones to smuggle contraband for prison drug trafficking organization

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A man from Georgia, who reportedly used drones to sneak cellphones and other contraband into prison, has pleaded guilty to operating a drug trafficking organization from his cell.

Evidence presented during his guilty plea hearing indicated that Daniel Roger Alo, 46, started a drug trafficking organization while serving his sentence at the Calhoun State Prison on a kidnapping charge.

Alo smuggled contraband into the Calhoun State Prison and used cell phones to organize large drug deals, officials reported.

Last September, a federal grand jury indicted Alo and 15 others in the drug trafficking organization working in Virgina, Georgia, Tennessee, and elsewhere.

Officials said the trafficking organization was comprised of gang members inside and outside of the prison, as well as members of the Bloods, the Ghost Face Gangsters, the Gangster Disciples, and others with links to Mexican drug cartels, Fox30 reported.

Co-conspirators, including Ronnie Music – a Georgia Lottery winner, purchased and distributed pounds of crystal meth throughout the Southeast U.S.

Alo and Music, who bought meth with some of his $3 million in lottery winnings, are awaiting their sentencing.

During their inquiry, agents seized over 15 firearms, thousands of rounds of ammunition, over 15 pounds of crystal meth, $600,000 in cash, two drones, and several vehicles.

Alo is facing between 5 to 40 years behind bars.

“The defendant is an example of the immense challenges that our law enforcement partners face in their fight against illegal drugs in our communities,” U.S. Attorney Edward Tarver said.

“Alo used readily available technology to continue his substantial criminal behavior even while confined in a secure state prison. It is necessary and appropriate that his next stop will be a federal prison.”

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