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Feds used Instagram posts to bust Chris Brown associate Cuban Harry

January 25, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Feds used Instagram posts to bust Chris Brown associate Cuban Harry

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Cuban Harry, the “CEO of Purple Drank” said photos he posted of money and guns were only for show.

On Monday, the rap producer, who’s real name is Harrison Garcia, was accused of being the alleged ringleader in dozens of pharmacy stickups in South Florida, told a judge during a pretrial hearing that the social media posts were only for his street reputation.

The 27-year-old is known as Cuban Harry in the hip-hop industry and has associations with rappers such as Lil’ Wayne, Chris Brown, and Future, according to the Miami Herald.

“I had an image to portray to boost my followers,” Garcia stated. “It’s just the music industry.”

Garcia appeared in court for reportedly using his private Instagram account – which has 35,800 followers as of Tuesday, to set up drug purchases. He told a judge he was just using a prescription cough syrup mixed with soda – also known on the street as “lean,” “sizzurp,” or “purple drank” – and maintained he was not a dealer, despite undercover footage of him selling illegal bottles of promethazine with codeine to undercover informants.

Miami music producer Cuban Harry with singer Chris Brown

“I can’t explain it,” he said. “I was never a drug trafficker.”

Cuban Harry claimed that the drug helped him focus and came in handy when he was recording in the studio because it helped his voice.

Homeland Security charged Garcia in December with trafficking illegal drugs, racketeering, and grand theft in connection with dozens of pharmacy thefts from Plantation to Homestead. He was already facing charges for using his Instagram to arrange deals of the drink with users and federal informants.

Garcia’s gaudy Instagram – filled with bundles of cash, expensive cars, and diamond-encrusted grills – drew U.S. Homeland Security investigators to look into him, and some of the pictures he posted were used as evidence during Monday’s hearing.

Ted Mastos, Garcia’s lawyer, contended that his client was a “young, foolish man who got caught up in the rap world, drugs, the glamor,” the Herald reported.

“This is all begins stupidly by him putting this stuff on Instagram,” Mastos added.

Accused ‘lean’ drink mastermind said Instagram posts just for hip-hop music street cred

Prescription cough syrup mixed with soda grew popular in part by rapper Pimp C, who died back in 2008 as a result of an overdose that was caused by codeine combined with a pre-existing sleep problem. The rapper talked about his love for codeine on the song “Sippin’ on Some Syrup.”

Rapper Lil’ Wayne also drank an “extraordinary amount of lean” before he suffered multiple seizures on a private jet in June.

Garcia’s trial is scheduled to begin on February 6th. A judge will determine whether jurors will hear evidence of his cooperation with detectives, leading police to an apartment and a storage unit that was filled with cash, drugs, and guns.

Meanwhile, although he confessed to using the drug and drinking a bottle in “like two days,” Garcia argued that the large stacks of cash on his Instagram weren’t associated with dealing the syrup.

“I would withdraw cash just to flex it,” he added. “It was stupid on my behalf.”

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