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Police in Spain arrests Mexican jihadist

January 25, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Police in Spain arrests Mexican jihadist

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A Mexican woman who was arrested near the city of Madrid, Spain is facing charges in connection with supporting the spread of jihadist organizations and providing material support.

The woman had become radicalized in the border state of Nuevo León in Mexico.

Spain’s Civil Guard revealed that a 38-year-old Mexican woman was arrested in connection with an ongoing probe targeting the spread of terrorist cells in Europe.

Spanish law enforcement officials said that the woman had become radicalized in Monterrey, Nuevo León starting in 2010.

The Mexican woman arrested in Spain reportedly became radicalized in Monterrey

According to Proceso, the woman has been identified as Ana Marilu Reyna Castillo of Monterrey.

Spanish law enforcement indicated that she is the wife of Aziz Zaghane, a terror suspect who was apprehended in Madrid in May 2016 and faces various charges in connection with the training of terrorist organizations.

Spanish authorities reported that the woman converted from Catholicism and became an Islamic extremist.

Ana Marilu Reyna Castillo married terror suspect Aziz Zaghane (pictured) who was arrested in May 2016 on terror-related charges

She married her current husband and started to promote the spread of terror groups and radical beliefs through social media in Mexico and Spain.

Since 2015, Spanish officials have apprehended over 183 Jihadist terrorists conspiring in the country, and Spain continues to work under a heightened terrorism alert.

El Espanol also reported that Mexico does not track radical Muslim groups or likely jihadis. It was also revealed that authorities start to investigate only if they discover an imminent threat against a public official or federal building.

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